Our Super Dinner Date in Super Bowl of China

“Where should we dine?” – This is one question that always crop up whenever we have our dinner date. This is a difficult question because of so many restaurants to choose from.

The Question is on our minds one night until we caught Super Bowl’s 1-peso deal. There was a catch, however, because we have to order one main dish to avail of the promo. That was not a problem and we still chose to dine in Super Bowl.

Super Bowl of China

Super Bowl of China obviously serves Chinese dishes so we already had an idea what to expect with their food. There are the usual noodles, dimsum, yang chow, and chicken. They all looked yummy in the menu but what got our mouth watering was a seafood dish sprinkled with what seemed like siling labuyo.

Menu of Super Bowl of China

The staff of Super Bowl was generous enough to give us a bowl of chicharon while they’re preparing our food.

Chicharon of Super Bowl of China

The Super Bowl branch that we dined in is in SM Megamall. The place has some Chinese elements fused with Western designs.

Super Bowl of China - SM Megamall branch

Our orders finally reached us after a few minutes of waiting. We ordered the cuttlefish with spicy salt:

Cuttlefish dish of Super Bowl of China

We also took advantage of their promo so we ordered Stir Fried Beef with Oyster Sauce for just 1 peso.

Stir fried beef of Super Bowl of China

We enjoyed our dinner date not only because I’m with My Beloved but also because of the great food. The cuttlefish looks scary because of the labuyo but it was not very spicy. I believe that Bicolanos will not get the kick that they want with this dish.

The beef dish also tasted good. The best part of this is that we only spent 1 peso for this dish.

Our food in Super Bowl of China

The food was too much for the of us that we had to ask a Super Bowl staff to pack the leftover stir fried beef. Thus, my Super Bowl dining experience continued during breakfast the next morning.

All in all, we had a great dining experience in Super Bowl of China. The cuttlefish and the stir fried beef. Their staff was courteous and helpful with our “selfie”. We will definitely dine again especially if they have a repeat of the 1-peso promo.


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  1. Piso for something that good, what a great offer! Never been there so these food postings will surely make me salivate every week, ha,ha, ha!


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