Carriedo Street – the Little Divisoria

I talked about the ever-crowded place called Divisoria in a previous post. I mentioned that Divisoria is the place to go to if you are looking for cheap (and bootlegged) items. My Facebook friends reacted on that blog post and they shared their own blog posts about the [in]famous Divisoria. Willy Jose talked about his Divisoria experience when he did his last minute Christmas shopping. Resty Odon posted about his thoughts about Divisoria.

The usual comment that I hear about Divisoria that it is crowded, alongside with other adjectives like cheap and affordable. The set-up in Divisoria is not unique. In fact, being crowded and chaotic is common to marketplaces around the country. Majority of palengke (market) around the Philippines is disorganized with vendors placing their wares in the middle of the streets. One place that is very similar to Divisoria is Carriedo Street, which connects Quiapo Church and Lacson Plaza or Santa Cruz Church.
Carriedo Street - Road to Quiapo Church
Carriedo Street as viewed from LRT-Carriedo Station.

The whole stretch of Carriedo is occupied by street vendors. You can buy pirated DVDs, t-shirts, toys, fruits, religious figurines, and other items just by walking along Carriedo.
Carriedo Street - street vendors
Looking for shirts? Find it in Carriedo.
Carriedo Street - street vendors
Street vendors block the entrance to some buildings like the Carriedo Arcade.

Carriedo Street is the most direct route from LRT-Carriedo Station to Quiapo Church but the pedestrians have to pass through a maze. They should be also wary of the presence of criminals who are looking for ways to snatch people’s cellphone and wallets.
Carriedo Street - crowd going to Quiapo Church
Prepare to pass through this crowd to reach Quiapo Church.

There was a time when the mayor of Manila cleared Carriedo Street of street vendors. Well, it seems that the mayor failed because they are back and Carriedo Street is full to the brim with vendors. If you are looking for an easy way to reach Quiapo Church, I suggest that you avoid Carriedo.


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  1. wow ang daming tao... never been to carriedo Ish haha nakakahiya man sabihin kahit sa Divisoria ay hindi pa ako nakakarating sigh...

  2. I don't usually show at Carriedo but there's a stall there that sells really good hopia that my dad loves. =)

  3. Bluedreamer

    Ikaw na naman. That is not a thing to be ashamed of. Taga-Cavite ka naman kaya ok lang kahit hindi mo mapuntahan.

    Tin [Average Jane]

    Really good hopia from Carriedo? Oh please tell me the name of that shop. I wanna visit it. ^_^

  4. madaming tao......tiyak madami din diyan snatcher.......hehe....

  5. Dami mandurukot dyan no? Muntik na ako matangayan buti na lang naramdaman ko.

  6. Arvin

    Sinabi mo pa. :-P


    Whoa! Muntik ka na palang mabiktima d'yan sa Carriedo. Buti at di ka nabiktima ng mga kawatan.

  7. I am looking for a store that I bought Holy Octave gold color medals at. Salamat Po.


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