A Special Moment at Sonyas Garden

Many of you correctly inferred in a previous post that me and my beloved took our relationship to a higher level. That special moment in our lives happened in a restaurant that is popular for its romantic ambiance. That place is Sonya's Garden.

People mistakenly thought that Sonyas Garden is located in Tagaytay City. The truth is that Sonya's Garden is located in Alfonso, which is about 45-minutes’ jeepney ride from Tagaytay. The garden can be reached by riding a Nasugbu-bound jeepney at Olivarez, Tagaytay. Tell the driver that you will embark at Buck Estate or Sonyas Garden. You must look at the left side of the street so that you will not miss the big signboard of Sonya's Garden. Ride a tricycle at a terminal near the signboard to finally reach Sonyas Garden.

Sonya's Garden looks like a private mansion. The reason for this is that Sonya initially intended it as her private getaway. The place was open to family members and friends only. Many people discovered the beauty of this getaway and soon the owner was convinced to open the place to the public.

There was a sort of comedy when we entered Sonya’s Garden. We entered the area where only the Bed and Breakfast (B&B) guests are only allowed. Sonya’s servants chased and directed us to their restaurant.

The area open to non-B&B guests are limited to the parking lot, the restaurant and a short walkway leading to Sonya’s spa center. The walkway is interesting because it is lined up with numerous flowering plants, benches and the “outdoor” bed that has been the icon of Sonyas Garden.
Photos of Sonyas Garden B&B, Tagaytay
This photo of Sonya's Garden B&B is courtesy of TripAdvisor.
Of course, we didn’t miss taking photos on that bed.  Sonya’s Garden also has a panaderia (bakery) where freshly baked bread are being sold. We entered the restaurant to do what we went to do, which is to eat a sumptuous lunch.
Sonyas Garden restaurant
Sonya's greenhouse styled restaurant
Sonyas Garden way to the toilet
The other end of the restaurant where the toilets are located.

Sonya’s Garden offers a three-course meal of salad with freshly-baked bread, pasta and dessert. The food is unlimited so guests can ask for more food ala Mang Inasal. Bottomless dalandan juice is included. Dining at Sonya’s costs 610 pesos per person.  The first food that was brought to our table is the salad.
Sonyas Garden green leafy salad
Green, leafy and freshly picked from the garden.

The salad tastes good, especially Sonya’s Secret Dressing. Our salad was accompanied with sliced mangoes, egg, cucumber and pineapple. What we didn’t like with our salad is the purple oxalis, which tastes bitter. Our salad was also accompanied by a piece of bread straight from the panaderia.
Sonyas Garden bread

What came next is pasta. This can be mixed either with sun-dried tomato or chicken cream with mango. The toppings are shitake mushrooms, black olives, salmon belly and cheese.
Sonyas Garden toppings
My dalandan juice, sun-dried tomato sauce and salmon belly.

My sauce of choice is the chicken cream, while my beloved chose the sun-dried tomato sauce. I tasted both the sauces and I like the pasta with sun-dried tomato sauce better.
Sonyas Garden pasta in chicken cream
Pasta with chicken cream sauce on my plate.

The last course is dessert. They served a slice of home-made chocolate cake, turon (banana roll) with sesame seeds and langka (jackfruit) and glazed camote (sweet potato). The turon and glazed camote were fine but my favorite is the chocolate cake. They also served tarragon tea, which the waitress said is good for digestion.
Sonyas Garden chocolate cake
Yummy chocolate cake.

All in all, we enjoyed dining at Sonya’s restaurant. We took our time eating and chatting and we don’t feel being rushed by the staff. I guess it took us more than an hour eating and talking about a lot of things. We felt a bit out of place at the start but that was because we don’t usually eat at a formal restaurant. The ambiance of the place, the good food, and courteous staff made us more relaxed and allowed us to focus on our food, and of course, on the special moment that unfolded for both of us.


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  1. Nice...but the place looks expensive. Never mind, we need to pamper ourselves sometime.

  2. Yes, it is expensive STP but it is a special moment for me and my beloved so the price didn't matter. :-)

  3. mahahanap mo rin naman uli ang pera kaya kahit expensive ay okey lang,hehe....

  4. Tama ka Arvin. Ang pera madaling makuha, ang special moment ay hindi.

  5. I love Sonya's Garden! The dalandan juice is the best! =)

  6. Wow! Going to the next level? : D

  7. Nice place and I guess the food and ambience are good! Glad you enjoyed yourself there! : )

  8. Tin

    Sonya's dalandan juice indeed tastes good.


    Yes Foong. Going to the next level. ^_^


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