Another World at Lacson Underpass

The area around Quiapo Church is not what it seems. Beneath its grounds is another world where hidden people lurk and await humans who are kind enough to give them their cash…

 …and it is cash that they will get if you like what they sell. Pretty creepy, eh? I hope not because I am just talking about Lacson Underpass.
Welcome to Lacson Underpass

Lacson Underpass is a circular underground complex that connects the roads around the Quiapo Church. Pedestrians use this underpass to cross Quezon Boulevard. I, on the other hand, usually go to Lacson Underpass to pee because the public toilet is located there.

I got the chance to visit Lacson Underpass again one early morning. I also managed to get few photos.
Lacson Underpass is still empty of vendors

Lacson Underpass is quite empty in the early morning. Come in the late morning and you will see that vendors fill the whole area, making it hard for pedestrians to pass through.
Lacson Underpass underground stores
Still sleepy vendors in Lacson Underpass.

Lacson Underpass was named after Arsenio Lacson, who is a former mayor of Manila. This guy is quite popular because an avenue, located beside the University of Santo Tomas, was named after him. He also has monument located near Santa Cruz Church.

Since Lacson Underpass is located right beside Quiapo Church, you can expect to see Catholic religious items for sale.
Lacson Underpass - religious items for sale
Looking for image of Santo Nino? Black Nazarene? Mama Mary? You find them here.

Lacson Underpass exit
Lacson Underpass exit. To the right is Quiapo Church. To the left is Carriedo Street.


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  1. Narurumihan ako dyan sa Lacson underpass, unlike many underpasses dito sa Makati na malilinis.

  2. Tom Sower

    Kasalanan kasi 'yan ng Manila City Government. Hinayaan nilang maging madumi at makalat ang Lacson Underpass.

  3. Oooo...looks like a nice place to shop. Must be cheaper than at the malls.

  4. Underground street was named after the Manila mayor Arsenio Lacson
    became Lacson underpass the place in Quiapo Metro Manila full of vendors shoppers and bystanders complete with CCTV and security features in Plaza Miranda area. Thanks!

    1. Yes. This Lacson Underpass is that underground street that you're talking about. I believe that the Manila City government is improving this place. I heard that they're planning to place airconditioning.


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