Photos Around UP Diliman

I happened to see a folder full of photos of UP Diliman when I was browsing for some files stored in my WD Elements external hard drive. Many of the photos were taken during my college yours in the University. Some photos were taken during my few visits to my alma mater.

I remembered many of the events that happened to me while I was a student in University of the Philippines- Diliman Campus. I can still vividly recall the day when I took the UPCAT. I saw the weird sculpture, which resemble like giant fishballs skewered by bamboo sticks, in front of UP College of Business Administration building  while waiting for the start of the entrance exam. I am so drained after I took the UPCAT and my father, worried with my downcast look, told me that we will go to a mall to refresh myself. What I can't recall is the events in my last day of class in UP Diliman. Maybe that day was uneventful that's why my brain didn't waste any memory space for it.

Ah! University of the Philippines. The institution that mold me to become what I am now. My experiences during my stay in your bosom taught me a lot of things and opened my eyes to what's happening around me. Now, I can only reminisce my stay in UP Diliman through these photos:

The Snake Road and Beta Epsilon Theatrum

UP Diliman snake road
Walkway in the [in]famous UP Diliman Lagoon.

I usually pass by this concrete path when I have to cross the grounds of UP Lagoon. This concrete path always make me think of the “Snake Road” in the anime, Dragonball. This path slithers all throughout UP Lagoon. Using this concrete path allows you to pass by Beta Epsilon Theatrum:
UP Diliman - Beta Epsilon Theatrum
Vandalized Beta Epsilon Theatrum with the dried up lagoon in front.

Concerts were held on the Beta Epsilon Theatrum in the past but now it was vandalized and left in a state of disrepair. I often see high school students use the stage for the practice of their school plays. In front of the Beta Epsilon Theatrum is the murky waters of UP Lagoon.

UP Lagoon is one of my favorite place to hang-out. I eat my packed lunch there when the CASAA canteen is jam packed with people. Aside from the Beta Epsilon Theatrum, the Snake Road leads to UP Amphitheater that located at the back of Quezon Hall.
UP Diliman amphitheater and Quezon Hall
Road to UP Diliman Amphitheater. Quezon Hall is at the background.

A Flying Saucer Shaped Church

Any student in UP Diliman can easily guess what this picture is:
UP Diliman Chapel dome

The white dome and the tower belongs to the UP Chapel, which is more formally known as the church of the Parish of Holy Sacrifice. This church is the only Catholic church inside the UP Diliman campus. It is famous for being the first circular church in the Philippines. The lay-out of the church placed the altar and the cross in the very center. Five Filipino National Artists collaborated in the the building and designing of the UP Chapel.
Inside UP Diliman Chapel
Jesus Christ at the center of the UP Diliman chapel.

Show us the Frogs

UP Diliman - where is the frog?

A signboard that never ceased to amuse me is the “Frogs” signboard nailed on a tree near the Natural Science Research Institute (NSRI) building. I was wondering what is the true meaning of the signboard. Does it mean that frogs can be bought from the NSRI? Or does the signboard means that those who occupy the NSRI building look like frogs?

I haven't visited my alma mater, UP Diliman, for a long time now. What I only have in my mind are the memories of it during my stay there as an undergraduate student of engineering. Those are good memories and I believe that I can never recreate it.


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  1. Wow! You seem to enjoy your university days a lot! So studying is better than working I guess? : )

  2. Frogs? What the heck is that about?!

  3. Naks! Nagre reminisce si kuya hehe...Nice vintage photos hehe...

  4. Oh yes Foong. I really miss my college days. It is less stressful than my stint as an employee.

    Frogs? It is about the frogs that are being used by Biology students for dissection.


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