Diyus-Diyosan ang Sarili

There are those kinds of people. Those people who became so vain and so addicted with themselves that they thought they are gods whom their every whims and wishes should be followed by other people. This kind people just tasted a little wealth, a sprinkle of fame, and a thread of connection (as paraphrased from my other blog) and became an overwhelming self-centered brats.

Boyet Fajardo is guilty of this. His “creative outburst”; his demands to a fellow Filipino, who did nothing but do his work; the way he wanted to satisfy himself by making a fellow human being to kneel in front of him are evidence of this. Like all the bloggers all over the 7,100 islands of the Philippines and all over the world, I call on all Filipino to stop buying his RTWs. Do not let your skin touch any of his clothing line. He must seek forgiveness by doing a genuine apology. His apology infront of the media is not acceptable because he is not truly remorseful, which means that he still have some belief that what he did what right.

So, my fellow Filipino (and yes, Filipina too) let’s boycott Boyet Fajardo’s RTW. Never ever buy the products like Substance in SM Malls, Boyet Fajardo and Initials in Landmark and Robinson’s department stores.

His “creative outburst” against the Duty Free cashier is his “creative rantings” against all Filipino workers. Mabuhay ang mangagawang Pinoy at Pinay!

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