Random Notes #1

Finally, I am back from the heyday of travels and many activities that eclipsed the time that I should be spending with this blog. May I say that “I am sorry” to you, one of the few constant readers, for leaving an old post (and a bunch of paid posts) before I left abroad for a very short travel.

Now that I am back, I hope that everything will normalize so that I could give you the regular dose of my thoughts on this blog. I went to many places and did one marvelous thing that I believe will place my life to the right direction. In the coming weeks I will blog about the things that I saw, the experiences, and the places I went to.

As for this moment, let me leave you some random notes that I noticed while I am in absentia:

1. Terrible Airport – I got the opportunity to travel to travel to the “Land Down Under.” My connecting flight is in Kuala Lumpur and I saw how marvelous the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) is. The International Terminal of Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) looks shoddy when compared with KLIA. Foreign tourists ranked NAIA as one of the worst airports in the world and, sadly, I agree with them.
Kangaroo and joey
(Source: Wikipedia)
2. Australians Love Kangaroos – I love kangaroos too. And like the Australians, I love them on my plate. I just discovered that kangaroo meat is delicious and one of the healthiest meat in the world.

3.  Clan War – When I left Manila, the Islamic Rebels and the government soldiers are killing each other in Mindanao. When I returned to Manila, it is the members of the Revilla clan (a local political clan in the Philippines) who are killing one another.

4. Manny Pacquiao is Popular – The greatest Filipino boxer is the only Filipino celebrity that I heard about during my whole stay in Australia.

5. M Lhuillier Pawnshop is Taking their Money in the Visayas – Particulary in Camotes Islands. I discovered that the pawnshop already bought half of the lands in a barangay in town of San Francisco. They are building a big resort in the islands that have its own wharf.

6. Manila Sunset is Better – I discovered that the Manila Bay is Sunset is way better than the sunset of West Australia. My only wish is that the coasts of Manila Bay be cleaned so that people can enjoy the beautiful sunset view.

So, that is my random notes for this day. I hope that everything get settled down so I can blog regularly in the coming weeks.


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  1. Oh! You are back! Welcome back! LOL!

  2. Oh yeah I read about NAIA too. Really that bad? Surely Clark is worse? Haha!! I heard they are going to renovate Clark and make it the main airport - am I correct? Maybe they should provide train service from Clark to Manila next time just like in Malaysia where we have fast train service from KL to KLIA

  3. Oh wow! You are kangaroo meat? I have never tried it before!

  4. Oh yeah Manny Pacquiao is famous alrite! But since I am more into music than boxing, I think Charice is more famous LOL!!

  5. So this is your first Random Notes? Haha! Look forward to more Random Notes from you! : )

  6. Hello Foong. Oh, yes. I'm back. ^_^

    I am yet to see Clark Airport so I am not sure if Calrk is worse than NAIA. I believe that NAIA is really bad. The international terminal is quite old and the airport services needed to be improved.

    Kangaroo meat is yummy. You must try it if you visit Australia.

    Ha ha...no need to compare Charice and Manny. They are both famous. :-P

  7. You were at KLIA? Oh me oh my...so near yet so far! The people here would complain and complain about KLIA, saying how lousy it is...compared to other airports. I don't know why Malaysians have that kind of mentality - anything of their own is not good, others are always better... Low self-esteem?

  8. Which part of Oz did you go to? I've only been to Melbourne - did not like it. I prefer New Zealand...or the UK.

    Hope you enjoyed yourself there...

  9. wow! new discoveries... astig! buti ka pa nakapunta ng aussie. nice naman... nako kuya ish! you'll really get disappointed when you compare NAIA to other int'l airport. mas better pa nga ung int'l airport sa sri lanka eh kesa sa terminal 1! :))

  10. Suitapui

    The people here in the Philippines are the same with Malaysians. We keep on complaining and complaining but we are not doing something about it. We whine about our government leaders but we don't do anything to make them accountable for their misdeeds. We whine about the hardship of life in this country yet we fail to act morally and obey the right path so as to make each others lives lighter to carry.

    Regarding KLIA, I can only say that it is way better that international airport here in Manila.

    Yes, I am so near my friend. Too bad that I was not given enough time to wander around Malaysia. So, I got no time to visit you and all of my Malaysian friends there.

    I went to West Australian cities of Perth and Fremantle. I like the place. I wish I could visit UK and New Zealand too.

  11. Tine

    Talaga? Nakakahiya naman. Naungusan na talaga tayo ng mga kapitbahay natin sa Asia.

    They really need to fix NAIA para naman nakaka-engganyo sa mga bisita at pati na din sa mga OFWs na magbabalikbayan.

  12. Can't wait to see pictures from your travel! Sabi ni Mr. President papaayos na daw nya ang ating airport. hehehe! Sana nga kakahiya kasi e.

  13. Anney

    Oo nga. Sana nga talagang ipaayos na nila para naman hindi tayo nangungulelat pagdating sa tourism.


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