Jesus Christ is the King Forevermore

This day, the 20th of November, Catholics affirm the reign of Jesus Christ on both heaven and earth. As Jesus Christ said, He is now seated at the right hand of the power and has dominion over the earth, the heavens, and all the creatures found in the sky, on the land, burrowing under the soil and in the seas. He is now the King of all human beings even if they worship Him or not.

In today's Gospel, Jesus Christ talked about the last days when He will come back to the earth to fully show His authority. In the last day, Jesus Christ will separate the sheep from goats. Christ will reward those who fed, clothed, and cared for the poor, the needy, the strangers and the prisoners. Those who ignored the little ones will be sent to their damnation.
Christ the King

Our parish priest said in his homily that the Feast of Christ the King is a big matter to Catholics during his childhood. All the people in their community have an image of Jesus Christ sitting on His throne. Those who can't afford a statue just post a picture of Christ the King inside their homes. People flock the church to join in the Holy Mass.

I believe that the our parish priest narrated his childhood memory of the Feast of Christ the King to contrast it with the way Catholics celebrate these feasts. Many Catholics, nowadays, don't care anymore. They forgot the importance of celebrating the kingship of our Lord. Filipino Catholics are more focused on the upcoming Christmas Season than celebrating the Feast of Christ the King.

The current behavior with regards to the Feast of Christ the King mirrors the fact that many people are forgetting the role of Jesus Christ in their life and the whole world. Many people pay more attention to the all-smiling and all-nice commercialized version of Jesus Christ. We keep on forgetting that Jesus Christ is the King. As King, He has the power to pardon and condemn.

This day's Gospel is a grave reminder that Jesus Christ will practice His authority the proper time. I hope that the Gospel make us realize that a Christian should always strive to obey the King's authority so that we will be part of His flock that is bound to His Eternal Kingdom.


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  1. yeah and much worst most filipino Catholics today are celebrating Christmas by simply exchanging gifts to each other without realizing that it is the time to pay tribute to the day when Jesus Christ was born
    thanks for sharing this Ish and Happy blogging to you

  2. Arvin

    Tama! :-)


    Yup. That is the problem now. People remember Christmas but forgot the birthday celebrant.

    You are welcome. :-D


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