A Little Visit to Ramon Magsaysay Park

One of the place that I visited in Davao City is the Ramon Magsaysay Park, which is just beside the fruit stores that I talked about in a previous post. As the name implies, Ramon Magsaysay Park was named after the Ramon Magsaysay, who is the third president of the Third Republic. Ramon Magsaysay is hailed as the “Idol of the Masses” because of he is known to open the gates of Malaca├▒ang Palace to the common Filipinos. President Magsaysay died when his plane crashed on Mount Manunggal located on Cebu Island.

In the middle of Ramon Magsaysay Park is a white obelisk-like tower that contains the statue of President Magsaysay.
Ramon Magsaysay monument

The monument was built through the efforts of the Davao Chapter of the Philippine Veterans Legion and was turned over to the City Government of Davao on July 31, 1960.
Ramon Magsaysay statue
Ramon Magsaysay

The statue of Ramon Magsaysay located inside the park is the second statue I saw of the former president. The other one I saw is located in front of Ramon Magsaysay Center that houses the Ramon Magsaysay Awards Foundation.

The Ramon Magsaysay Park is a place to go to by Dabawe├▒os for family picnic or for a date like the couple below:
Ramon Magsaysay Park date
Ramon Magsaysay Park grounds
Ramon Magsaysay Park grounds.
Ramon Magsaysay Park has a wide ground, souvenir stalls and amphitheater. Government offices like the Department of Foreign Affairs, Philippine Tourism Authority and OWWA. The park is located beside the historical Santa Ana Pier. According to a historical marker inside the park, Santa Ana Pier is the place where the first Japanese workers landed on May 1903 to serve as agricultural workers in Davao. Those Japanese workers became instrumental in developing the abaca industry in Davao.

Ramon Magsaysay Park  is not that excellent as compared to the other parks that I already visited. However, if you are in Davao City and is looking for a place to relax for free, then I suggest that you drop by the Ramon Magsaysay Park.


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  1. I admire Ramon Magsaysay... lahat ng nababasa ko tungkol sa kanya ay puro positive reviews...
    thanks for sharing Ish

  2. Konti yata namamasyal. hehehe! Ako naman ayoko ng matao na park. Kadalasan kasi matao e.

  3. Bluedreamer

    Andito lang ako sa Manila. Mga lumang photos lang yan na nakita ko at naalala ko na hindi ko pa pala nagawan ng blog post yung mga yun. ^_^

    Oo nga eh. Pansin ko rin yun na puro positive ang nakikita kong articles about Ramon Magsaysay.


    Weekday yata noong nadaan kami sa lugar na iyan kaya hindi masyadong matao.

  4. Gustong kong part yung sa park grounds! :) Ganda! )

  5. Ang ganda dun sa park grounds! :)

  6. You were there on a date too? Wink! Wink! LOL!!!

  7. mukhang dami mong nahahalungkat ng mga pictures. Ang dami ko ring picture na diko pa nagagawan ng post. magaya nga itto sayang naman ng mga pagakakataong yong magdadalawang taon na ang dumaan

  8. nice place.. i wonder when am i gonna see a Ramon Magsaysay statue, madalas si Rizal nakikita ko eh.. thanks for sharing ish :)

  9. Steve

    Thanks Steve. OK talaga d'yan sa Ramon Magsaysay Park. ^_^


    Tama po kayo. Sayang nga yung mga nakatagong photos. At saka paraan din ito para hindi maubusan ng topic sa blog.


    Oo nga po eh. Parang si Rizal na lang ang laging bida when in fact ang dami-dami nating mga notable na tao na nag-contribute sa bansa natin.

  10. STP

    A date? I can't recall a date there. :-P

  11. Oh! That obelisk-like tower looks kind of unique! So not as nice a park as others you have visited? : )

  12. Yeah Foong not as good as the other parks that I visited.


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