Help Yolanda's Victims

It seems like tragedies never end in the Philippines. Last October, the central part of Visayas was devastated by a 7.2 earthquake. This month the eastern part of Visayas and other areas in the middle region of the our country suffered the wrath of Super Typhoon Yolanda.

Ruined community due to Typhoon Yolanda
(Image from Tempo)

The sight of Tacloban City is harrowing. The whole place was flattened by might of Yolanda. Roofs of many building were torn away. Concrete walls collapsed. Fallen trees and posts blocked the streets. There reports that the dead were just placed at the side of the roads because their relatives have no other place for them.

The devastation of Tacloban City is just a portion of the whole damage caused by the super typhoon. Large portion of Leyte Province is still unaccounted for. Communication systems were damaged thus information from that area are sketchy at best. Blocked roads and damaged bridges made many towns of Leyte unaccessible.

Many Filipinos who have relatives in Leyte are worried about their love ones. They can only hope and pray to God that no harm happened to them.

I am appealing, once again, to my fellow Filipinos and readers of this blog to pray for those who were affected by the recent calamities. Let us ask our Lord to have mercy to our kababayans. May He grant eternal repose for those who perished. And for those who survived, may He aid them and strengthen their Faith despite the devastation.

I also appeal for your kind hearts to send help to my kababayans in those places. May we act together so that our kababayan can rebuild their damaged livelihood. Donations can be sent to the following organizations:

1. University of Asia & the Pacific

UA&P Typhoon Yolanda Relief Efforts
(Source: The Bosun)

2. Caritas Manila

Caritas Manila poster for donation
(Source: 100% Katolikong Pinoy)

For details on how you can help please visit Caritas Manila website.

Those living outside of the Philippines who want to help through Caritas Manila may send using the organizations dollar accounts. Here are the details:

Details of dollar accounts of Caritas Manila
(Source: One Rosary)
 Those who want to give cash donations may visit Direct Donations page of the Caritas Manila website for details.

3. Quiapo Church

Quiapo Church

Quiapo Church is also has relief efforts. Those who want to donate in kind may go to Quiapo Church. They also need volunteers for the repacking of relief goods. Visit Quiapo Church website for details.

These are few of the many organizations that are aiding our kababayans. The popular ones are Red Cross and the TV networks who are asking for donations. According to their Facebook page, LBC branches serves as drop-off points of donations for Yolanda victims. LBC can be found in many places so those who donations-in-kind can go to any LBC branch.

There are many avenues to help our kababayan. Let us stop the bangayan and senseless blame game. Let us work together. Please help the victims of Yolanda.

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  1. Thanks for doing this. May God bless your heart.

    1. What I did is nothing compared to what other people are doing for the sake of our kababayans. May God bless them.

  2. Very informative. Thanks! =)

    In times of calamities, we really have to share our blessings.

    1. Tama po kayo. Dapat mag-damayan tayo sa panahong gaya na ito.

  3. kaya ng pinoy yan! in no time babangon sila ng may mga ngiti sa mag labi

    1. Tama ka pero dapat matuto na tayo. Dapat maging handa lagi sa mga sakuna at saka dapat ayusin na ng gobyerno ang urban at rural planning.


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