Return to People's Park, Tagaytay

My beloved told me that she misses People's Park in Tagaytay City. It has been two years since our last visit to People's Park and we thought that it is high time to revisit the place. So, last month, me and my beloved decided to have a picnic at People's Park, Tagaytay.

Just like in our first visit, we reached Tagaytay City by coming from Santa Rosa City in Laguna. We boarded a jeep at Balibago Market that passes by the Cavite town of Carmona and went down on Tagaytay Market. We planned to go to two places on this Tagaytay trip. The first place that we visited is the Convent of Divine Mercy, which more popularly known as the convent of the Pink Sisters. I will talk about the Pink Sisters on the next post. The second place that we visited is People's Park, Tagaytay.

People's Park, Tagaytay can be reached by riding a jeepney at the Tagaytay Market. Be warned that riding a jeepney going to People's Park is not easy during holidays and weekends because you have to compete with other people for the jeepney ride. Of course you can ride a tricycle to People's Park but it is costlier as compared to riding a jeepney. People's Park-bound jeepneys also pass in front of Picnic Grove.
People's Park Tagaytay - welcome to People's Park

Only few things were changed since the last time we visited People's Park, Tagaytay. The entrance fee is still 15 pesos per person.

I am glad that the weather is fair during our visit to People's Park. It was wind and rainy during our first visit and clouds are covering the Taal Volcano.
People's Park Tagaytay - road
Road up to the main part of People's Park.
In my first post about People's Park, I lamented about the need for major repair of the structures inside the park. I didn't saw any renovation at People's Park during my last visit. The structures are still dilapidated and and still need improvements. The park administrators just added few benches on the top most floor of the park's admin building. The major construction that I saw in People's Park is the building of a big communication tower beside the People's Park “pineapple.”
People's Park Tagaytay - foreign tourists
Tourists say "cheese."
I saw a group of foreign tourists in People's Park, Tagaytay. I am not sure if they are Korean or Japanese. I do hope that they enjoyed their visit in Tagaytay City.

Sans the disappointment with dilapidated structures, me and my beloved really enjoyed our second visit to People's Park, Tagaytay. We had a picnic and took tons of photos inside the park. We posed in front of the camera, as if we are print models. I will not post those photos here to spare you from having nightmares. :-P
People's Park Tagaytay
Inside People's Park, Tagaytay.
The view from People's Park, Tagaytay is still breathtaking. We shot photos of Taal Volcano and Taal Lake:
People's Park Tagaytay - View of Taal Lake.
Taal Lake as viewed from People's Park.
We are also lucky to see a rainbow during our visit. Seems like God is smiling to me and my beloved during that time.
People's Park Tagaytay - rainbow
Can you see the rainbow?
People's Park Tagaytay - Shrine of Our Lady, Mother of Fair Love
Shrine of Our Lady, Mother of Fair Love.
The building to the front of main park of People's Park, Tagaytay is the Shrine of Our Lady, Mother of Fair Love. This shrine was inaugurated in February 2003 in honor of Mama Mary. The top of the shrine is accessible to visitors and is a good vantage point for taking photos of Taal Lake and the whole Tagaytay City.
People's Park Tagaytay - Jesus Christ

The big statue of Jesus Christ is my favorite part of the park. Too bad that some visitors have no respect with the image of the Lord because they wrote graffiti at the base of the statue.

Our visit to People's Park, Tagaytay is a blast. I enjoyed it, not only because I am with my beloved, but also because People's Park is a nice place. I do hope that park admins renovate People's Park before I return there for my third visit.

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  1. Stunning ang last photo...masarap magpalamig ngayon jan!

  2. Tama ka Jag. Masarap talaga bumisita ngayon sa Tagaytay. ^_^

  3. Such a beautiful place, such beautiful photos... But no photo of you?

  4. Oh, yes. People's Park Tagaytay is a beautiful place. And, oh sorry if I don't photos of me.

  5. I haven't been to this place in ages! Thanks for sharing the photos. =)

  6. You are welcome Jane. Thanks for the visit!

  7. I like the atmosphere and ambience at People's Park. Oh you managed to capture Taal Lake and volcano quite clearly! Last time I went to Picnic Grove, it was a blur and I could not take clear pictures.

  8. Wow! You were so lucky to capture that rainbow! Beautiful! Wish I was there! : )

  9. Indeed I am Foong, I am at the right place at the right time to see the rainbow.

    Yes, we took a clear photo of Taal Lake. It was blurry too the first time that we visited the park.

  10. Wow naman. The last time I went here was when I was a child. Tawag ko pa dyan noon ay "Palace in the Sky" hehe. Pero honestly speaking, nagulat din ako noon kasi parang napabayaan ang construction ng park. Buti nalang maganda ang view from the park. And nothing could be sweeter than to look at the view with a special someone. hihi :)

  11. Lovely

    Palace in the Sky ang tawag ng ibang Tagaytay sa People's Park Tagaytay. Kaya nga nuong unang punta ko tiningnan ko kung may palasyo nga talaga.

    Wala naman.

    Wow, tagal na pala ng huling bisita mo duon ah. Balik ka uli. ^_^


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