Laag-Laag sa Cebu (Part 7): The Worst Cebu Hotel

I am not choosy when it comes to accommodations. I can sleep anywhere. I slept in luxury hotels. I slept in good hotels. I slept in a friend’s house. Heck, I even slept in a mosquito-infested-bahay-kubo somewhere in Davao Oriental!

Of the many accommodations that I slept in, I can only count two that I consider worst hotel. One is the old hotel (with a very noisy and old aircon) in Tabaco City, Albay. The other is Pacific Tourist Inn in Cebu City.

Cebu Hotel - Pacific Tourist Inn

I went to Cebu for on official business but our office is very stingy when it comes to allowances for field works. I was given less than a thousand pesos a day allowance that includes accommodation, food (breakfast-lunch-dinner), and incidental expenses.

My personal stand is that I must not shell out my own money when it comes to work-related-activities. Thus, I searched for a cheap accommodation that will fit my meager allowance.

The truth is that it is hard to find a cheap hotel in Metropolitan Cebu. Thankfully, I found Pacific Tourist Inn.

The darkly lit hallway of Pacific Tourist Inn - Cebu Hotel

The place is cheap so I didn’t mind the dark hallway.

Bedbug infested bed in Pacific Tourist Inn - Cebu Hotel

I also didn’t mind if my room is small.

Toilet in Pacific Tourist Inn - Cebu Hotel

I also didn’t mind if the toilet is not super-clean.

The truth is that I slept in a room that is worse than this room in Pacific Tourist Inn.

What made the place worse is that I felt itchy few minutes after a lied on the bed. I believe that there are bed bugs and they feasted on me that night.

Pacific Tourist Inn is indeed budget friendly but I will not sleep in this hotel again because of the pesky bed bugs.


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  1. Oh dear!!! That's bad. I once stayed at a hotel in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. When I woke up in the middle of the night, the floor was covered with cockroaches - I did not dare get off the bed. That was the worst hotel I ever stayed in, really terrible.

    1. Yuck! I also don't want to sleep in hotels with plentyof cockroaches.

      Roaches is my most hated pest. I kill them whenever I see them.

  2. Aha, I have one experience just recently but I want to forget about it. Nah, maybe I will write about my experience. Good you only stayed for a night, am I right?

    1. Please write about it.

      Yes. I stayed there only for a night

  3. Yikes. I hate paying for a place with dirty comfort rooms. Of course you can't expect much for a cheap amount. Pero grabe naman ang office niyo. Time to look for a greener pasture? Haha. They should take care of their employees because their employee will take care of their business and clients. Sigh.

    1. Sa field allowance sila makunat pero ok pa naman yung ibang perks so I think I will still stay.

      I am on the lookout for better opportunities.

    2. Try online jobs. You get to stay with your fam while earning the same. Part time muna if you're apprehensive. I can help you there. ;)

    3. Thanks Lux. My wife is interested online jobs para kumikita sya sa bahay

    4. I totally agree with this. They should have prepared your accommodation and be sure that you have a decent place to stay upon arrival.Anyway, I wanted to laugh while reading this. I want to commend you for your endless patience and trying har not to mind everything even if it's something really disturbing like the dark hallway. It reminded me of an old movie I saw. The title of the movie is The Shining. Totally creepy.

    5. The ShininG. I know that movie. :-)

      Yeah. I really need lots of patience with this kind of accomodation. Wa pera eh. ;-)


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