A Little Visit in UP Diliman - Part I

I miss studying again whenever I see students, especially now that the school year had begun. Because of this, I am also missing my alma mater UP Diliman, which is officially known as University of the Philippines in Diliman (Hence, the abbreviation: UP Diliman). I had graduated three years ago and it is been a long time since I paid it a visit.

What miss in UP Diliman is its culture. The campus is like mini-Philippines because different kinds of students coming from different regions and in different walks of life study here. The interaction of these different people made the culture of UP Diliman unique. Another thing I miss in UP Diliman are its interesting places. Thankfully, my girlfriend and I found a time to visit UP Diliman and walk on its grounds again.

The Academic Oval – the heart of the UP Diliman.

UP Diliman have many interesting buildings. The most famous of these buildings is the Palma Hall, which is also known as AS or Arts and Sciences Building, is where classes for General Education subjects are held. This is also the place where rallies and mass protests are held. It is also the favorite place for shooting TV ads. I still recall an advertisement of Nescafe that used Palma Hall as the background.

Palma Hall Building a.k.a A.S.

Palma Hall’s mirror twin is the Melchor Hall, which is the College of Engineering building, located on the other side of the Academic Oval. Palma Hall and Melchor Hall look exactly alike because the layout plan of UP Diliman followed the symmetrical style of design during its establishment.

 Carillon Tower looks like the white queen.

The Carillon Tower is the popular bell tower inside UP Diliman. I always think of it this tower as the white queen in chess. Others claim that it is a phallic symbol. This bell tower is operational and I always hear it rings every 5 PM, whenever I walk near it while I am going home. This tower is visible from the LRT-3 train.

O' come ye faithful...

The presence of UP Chapel inside UP Diliman signifies that not all UP students do not believe in God. The chapel is circular and looks like a flying saucer when looked from afar. What I like about this church is its cross that show Jesus nailed on the cross on one side and Jesus as a risen Lord on the other side. I always visit this church during my college days.

There are other interesting buildings around UP Diliman that I failed to mention because of the limited space. But that is for you to find out. Hope you visit my alma mater, UP Diliman.


This blog post about my alma mater, UP Diliman, will be continued on, "A Little Visit to UP Diliman - Part II".


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  1. Let's take master's next year. I'm planning psych or reading educ. how 'bout you?

    text me naman if ever you're on campus... I think I owe you merienda :)

  2. Next year?

    I am not sure yet. It is hard to get time to study due to the nature of my work.

    But that is one of my goal. To have a master's degree then take PhD.

    Haha...you owe me merienda or I owe you merienda?

  3. Wow, so you're from up?galing. Even though i love sti today, i still wish to study in big colleges cause of its bldgs., i want to feel the university feeling! Where i have particular place in the campus where i always chill.

    Um..happy blogging!

  4. UP ka pala bro...

    nakakamiss nga magaral kung ikaw ay may job na ngayon..xp

    pero ok naman you're earning money na ngayon.

  5. @Azil:

    Thanks for the cheer Ate Liza. ^_^


    Haha...the experience is different. You still hae the chance bro. Take master's degree at our school. You will like it there.


    Yeah, tama ka. Noong nag-aaral pa ako eh gustong gusto ko ng magkatrabaho. Ngayon naman na nagtatrabaho na ako eh gusto ko naman uli't mag-aral. Sala sa init.

    Sala sa lamig.

  6. Huwaw, isa ka pa lang Iskolar ng Bayan ^_^

    Second choice ko ang UP Diliman. Kung di ako pumasa sa PUP jan ako mag-aaral. Ganda din ng school, malawak at maraming puno :)

  7. It's a beautiful place. I really love the chapel... So nice!

  8. di pa nakapunta ng UP DILIMAN. >.< kahit na lagi nasa UPLB ako. mas maganda daw jan ambiance. haha! hmm. :)

  9. @Fiel-kun:

    Wow. Iskolar ka rin ng bayan parekoy. ^_^

    Ka eskwela mo pala yung kapatid ko. Kumukuha siya ng business admin eh.

    Marami talagang puno dito. AT maraming matatambayan.

    Yeah, I really love the chapel. I love the way it was conceptualize. I believe that the church was a collaborative work of two national artists.


    Ako hindi pa ako nakakadalaw sa UPLB kahit minsan. Ang alam ko na sikat doon ay yung fertility tree.

    Yup, I like the ambience there.

  10. I also miss studying! :( Good thing you visited your alma mater! Nostalgia! ;)

  11. Hey Alps. Kaka-graduate mo lang ah. Gusto mo na mag-aral ule't. ^_^

    Buti nga nadalaw ko uli't yung school natin.

  12. You miss studying? I never like to study so I don't miss it! Haha!

    The Carillon Tower does look like a phallic symbol. LOL!

    That's a nice looking church btw.

    Thanks for sharing about your favourite University : )

  13. Heya Foong. ^_^

    Yeah, UP is really my favorite because it is my alma mater.

    Ahm...so you do not like studying ha. Hehe...so you hate school.

    Thanks for the visit.

  14. Hi Ishmael! Tanong ko lang, anong reqt for masters in engg sa diliman? Interested kasi ako kumuha next yr. salamat.

    1. Hello po.

      I have no idea regarding the requirements for master's degree for UP College of Engineering.

      Please contact UP CoE to get that information. Here is their contact info:

      Tel: +63 2 926 0703
      Email: gradengg@up.edu.ph

      You can also visit their website via this URL:



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