Buns and Pizza

Watching the parade and walking around Lucban to see the decorated house of the Pahiyas Festival proved to be an exhausting activity that emptied mine and my friends’ bellies. Luckily, we had found a small pizza shop that offers affordable pizza.

This pizza shop is the Buns and Pizza and I only first saw it in Lucban. I believe that that this pizza shop can only be found in Lucban. Nothing is amazing about this pizza shop as compared with giant pizza companies like Shakey’s and Pizza Hut. However, if you are in Lucban and you are craving for a good pizza, then this is the place to go.
 Buns and Pizza, Lucban

My friends ordered the Beef Galore and the Beef and Onion Special. The pizza bread is ready and they will only prepare the toppings of the pizza before baking in their oven. It would take about 15 minutes waiting time before your pizza be delivered to your table.

Preparing the pizza.

One thing I noticed about their pizza is its sweetness. It is sweeter than the usual pizza that I eat from Shakey’s and Pizza Hut. I believe that they made the sauce for their pizza in Filipino style. Filipino style sauce is sweeter and less sour compared with other spaghetti or pizza sauce.

The Pizza is almost done.

All in all, we spent 295 pesos for two pizzas. The Beefy Galore (large size) is 155 pesos and the Beef and Onion Special (large size) is 140 pesos. I guess the price is ok since we were satisfied with their pizza.

We also ate at the famous Buddy’s Restaurant before we leave Lucban. However, I am too busy eating their yummy food that’s why I forgot to take pictures and take note of their foods. Maybe this will be another topic I will write about if I ever visited Lucban again.


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  1. The pizza certainly looks good. Some of these small pizza parlours may not look impressive but their pizzas may even taste better than those big names, mind you!

  2. I agree with you there STP.

    This pizza parlour, for instance, uses the Filipino flavor for its pizzas. I think that is their strength.

  3. Wow Ishmael!, great post. I love Pizzas a lot, and based on your photos, the pizzas are really delicious i think. And you can have the large size for only 140 pesos!, very affordable!.....now i'm hungry!

  4. Wow, buti pinayagan kang magtake ng pictures during the preparation of the pizza! Looks yum!

  5. Oh! I would like to try pizza with Filipino flavor! Here in Malaysia, I prefer Domino Pizza compared to Pizza Hut : )

  6. @Steve:

    Me too, I love pizza. I think I already written three blog posts about pizza in my blogs. I like to eat pizza eh. ^_^


    Oo nga eh. Nagkalutan na lang eh. Biglang snap ng photo. Hindi naka-react yung gumagawa ng pizza.


    Domino Pizza is also popular here in the Philippines. But the most popular pizza joints are Greenwhich, Pizza Hut, and Shakey's. Oh! I almost forgot about Yellow Cab.

  7. Very affordable ang pizza nila! Looks yummy!

  8. Hi Ate Anney.

    Thanks for the visit. ^_^

    Yup, yummy naman. Kaya kung nagawi ka sa Lucban eh pwede mo silang bisitahin.


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