First Needles from the Haystack

Three is this day's lucky number. Today is the third year anniversary of my blog, Before the Eastern Sunset. It is three years ago since I first posted my very first blog post in this blog. I remember during those days that I wrote nothing other than things the rumblings of my hopeless romantic heart. Thankfully, I overgrew those things and I wrote on things that interests me and. This blog had been my online companion for these past three years and it still help me in giving me a diversion from the stressful activities of my daily life.
Number 3

For the third year anniversary of my blog, I would like to look back and thank those people who became my very first pals here in my blog. They are the ones who inspired mo to go on writing. Without their comments and continued visits, this blog may not reach its third year. These people have their own blogs but some of them already stopped blogging. Many of them are still visiting me constantly and always have time to say “Hello.”

Active blogger or not, I am still thankful for them:
Who first visited on my blog post “Two Weeks Without TV and Other Things

Lester Cavestany
Who first visited me on my blog post, “Justice for Chris Mendez.
 Mark Angelo
Who first visited me in “Unlucky Friday.
 Allan Baredo (Lantaw)
Who first visited on “On Working Abroad.
Who first visited on my blog post, “Laiya Aplaya.
Liza (Azil)
Who first visited on “Prince Caspian.
Who first visited on “Operation Valkyrie.
Who first visited on “Joint Security Area.
Who first visited on “Happy Mother's Day Mama.

Finding friends like them are like finding needle in a haystack. But thanks to them, I persevered in blogging and found more great friends. Thanks be to GOD.

Of the bloggers mentioned here, the only inactive is Mark Angelo. I guess he is busy with his. work It would be great if start blogging again.

I got the idea for this post from good friend Bluedreamer.


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Picture of number three came from Lost in Your Inbox.

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  1. wow halos mgkasabay lang pala talaga tayo...
    happy 3rd blogoversary Ish...
    may you have many more years to come..
    just keep on blogging my friend...

  2. Thank you very much Blue.

    Sana nga at patuloy akong bigyan ni God ng strangth at katalinuhan sa blogging.

    Salamat sa palagi mong pagdalaw sa aking maliit na espasyo sa net.

  3. happy bday as a blogger ish...

    kasali pala ako? di nga ako nagco comment for how many months...

  4. Syempre kasali ka. First commenters sa blog ko yung nasa listahan eh. Thanks sa mga comments mo/nyo noon eh heto at buhay pa rin ako sa blogging.

    Salamat ha.

    Ibig sabihin nito na dalasan mo na ang pag comment dito. Hehe...

  5. ganun?hehehe di naman kase ako lage on line e. pag may time lang ako.

  6. Congratulations my friend. Your blog has been a providing infos and is very helpful!. I know that your blog will still grow and you as well....Thanks for being a Blogging friend for me Ishmael!:)

  7. Happy 3rd blog-anniversary! Gosh! You've been at it longer than me... Keep up the good work! Cheers!

  8. Yay! happy 3rd year blogsary sayo parekoy XD

  9. @Megumi:

    ^_^ Hindi naman kita pine pressure. Alam ko naman na madalas kang bumisita eh. Di ka lang pala-comment. Ok lang 'yun.


    Thanks for the kind words. Isa sa ka rin sa mga dagdag kong katropa dito sa blogosphere.


    Oh thanks! Well, I am older as a blogger but your blog is better than mine. ^_^

    Thank you for the greet!


    Thanks parekoy. Hope you are havin' a good night.

  10. Happy blog-a-versary Ish! More power to you! :D

  11. Thank you Mariel. More power to you too. ^_^

  12. wow...three years na...congratulations!!!
    good luck sayo...i know marami pa kong aabangan sa blog mo...thank you...

  13. Thanks for the greet Nicxter. Salamat pala sa madalas mong pagdalaw sa aking blog.

    Marami ka pang aabangan. At sana ay magustuhan mo ang mga parating. ^_^

  14. congratulations! happy blog anniversary! were you able to put the IPL disclosure= how was it=

  15. Thank you very much Faye. ^_^

    About the IPL? I already have it in my blog. Thank you very much for your help.

  16. Happy 3rd Anniversary!! Wow 3 years! I've been blogging for only a little more than 2 years, so looks like you are more senior than me, haha!

  17. Nice of you to pay tribute to some of your visitors! Maybe a few years down the road, you will mention my name. haha!!

  18. @Foong:

    Yesh, I am senior in years but you are more senior in experience. ^_^

    I paid tribute to my early visitors because they are the one who kept me going.

    Yes, I will, your name oh great panda will be written in this little space of mine.

    Thanks for the visit.


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