Divisoria Adventure: Wedding Souvenirs and Other Items along Tabora & Ylaya Streets

Tabora Street and Ylaya Street are our most frequented place in Divisoria during our wedding preparations. These two streets have plenty of items that can caught the fancy of couples who are planning their wedding.

Just like other places in Divisoria, these two streets have stores that sell items at very low prices, especially when bought in bulk. These cheap prices attract plenty of shoppers, which in turn attract plenty of pickpockets and other petty criminals. Couples planning to go to Divisoria should be very careful.

Between Tabora and Ylaya Streets is the Yangco Market, known as the place where couples can find shops that sell affordable wedding gowns. We got Lei's wedding gown and the wedding entourage's attire in Yangco Market.

Where are Tabora and Ylaya Streets

These two streets are located at the heart of Divisoria. This means that you have to pass through a large crowd just to reach these streets. Walking along Divisoria is more difficult during the rainy season because of the slippery streets and the disgusting puddle and the stench and a host of other dirty things that Manila can offer.

The location of Tabora and Ylaya Streets may be seen in this map:

What We Saw in Tabora Street

I was delighted the first time that we reached Tabora Street. The place is filled with items that can be used as wedding souvenirs!

Shopping at Tabora Street, Divisoria

And not only wedding souvenirs, the shops along Tabora streets have souvenirs (or gift) items for other special events like christening and birthdays.

Some of the wedding souvenir items that we saw are figurines (the usual bride and groom figurine), wine bottle holders, oil lamps, and chimes.

Wedding souvenirs at Tabora Street, Divisoria

Aside from wedding souvenirs, shops along Tabora Street also sell decorative items that can be used for wedding reception venues. During one of our visits, I heard someone who I assume as a wedding planner buying a bulk of spherical lanterns made from abaca (similar to the ones in the image below from Rosey's Barn) for a garden wedding.

Abaca lanterns

And since Tabora Street is the arts and crafts hub of Divisoria (according to Click the City), this is where you should go for ribbons, costumes (I've seen a Suma costume, complete with snakes), baskets, Christmas decors and other small items that you can use in decorating your wedding reception venue.

Baskets and other handicraft items at Tabora Street, Divisoria
Baskets, plastic flowers, and many interesting items along Tabora Street.

What We Saw in Ylaya Street

If Tabora Street is the arts and crafts hub, then Ylaya Street is the fabric hub of Divisoria.

The shops along this street sell raw fabric, blankets, t-shirts, barongs, gowns, costumes, curtains and many more.

It is in Tabora Street where we bought the foam for our bed and the cloth cover for our Condura refrigerator. This where Lei's friend bought some curtains for her house.

Buying curtain at Ylaya Street, Divisoria

If you can't find the fabric or gowns or barong that you want in Ylaya Street, I suggest that you search the shops in Yangco Market.


Divisoria is a good place to buy wedding items because of cheap prices of the items. I suggest to all soon-to-be-wed couples to try Divisoria and particularly visit Tabora and Ylaya Streets for their wedding preparation needs.

If you are too afraid to go to Divisoria for wedding souvenirs, I suggest that you visit the shops under the Quezon Bridge located near Quiapo Church.