The Night When I Walked from Divisoria to Pureza

I temporarily interrupt my blog silence for one experience that I couldn’t resist posting this blog. I’m talking about my long walk from Divisoria to Pureza because of the heavy rain and the flood this evening. Divisoria and Pureza has a distance of at least 3 kilometers when you followed Recto Avenue and the LRT tracks.

The rain started around 4 PM this afternoon and it’s not just a simple rain. There are strong winds. There are thunder and lightning. It is as if a typhoon suddenly appeared in the city.

With that kind of rain, I know that I going home will be difficult. But I am wrong because going home became extra difficult.

First, there’s no jeepney and the traffic is not moving! So, I had no choice but to walk to LRT – Recto Station. Unfortunately, the train station is surrounded with flood and since the floodwater is disgusting (and I don’t want to wade to floodwater mixed with human pee, human poop, garbage, animal poop and other unimaginable eeky things) I decided to find another flood-less path.

To make the long story short, I walked from Recto to Quiapo Area to San Sebastian Church to Legarda then climbed the Magsaysay Bridge to finally reach an area few meters away from LRT – Pureza Station. This is where the floodwater stopped my long walk.

Heavt traffic near LRT - Pureza Station
Vehicles stopped by floodwater near LRT - Pureza Station.
I am not complaining with my experience this evening. Actually, I’m already accustomed with the floods. In fact, surviving Manila means getting accustomed to flood and traffic. Complaining is useless so people just learn to live with it. This evening, many people walked barefoot through the flood to prevent the water from ruining their shoes.

I heard in the news that another heavy rain will fall again tomorrow. I admit that I enjoyed this evening’s long walk but I don’t want a repeat of it tomorrow. I want to go home early and less tired. So, I pray to God that He prevent another heavy rain tomorrow.