Our Christening Party Experience at Max’s Restaurant

My Beloved Wife Lei always give the best to our Little Ahab. Be it clothes, feeding bottle, milk – Lei do not settle on “pwede na” but choose high quality even if it’s expensive. So, for the Christening party of our baby Lei chose the special option. She chose Max’s.

Max's Restaurant
(Source: Max's Restaurant)

We booked a christening party at Max’s merely two weeks prior to Little Ahab’s baptismal day. Good thing that the restaurant was not fully booked yet so we easily reserved a hall (or venue). Max’s supervisors (or managers) were very helpful from inquiry to booking to change of date to Little Ahab’s christening party. They are always attentive to our needs and also the the needs of our guests.

Max’s has only two themes for the christening party, which are the Noah’s Ark and the Blessed Baby. We chose the latter option.

Max's Restaurant preparing for the christening party of Little Ahab

For the menu, Max’s supervisor gave us these three options:

We chose Menu 1 not only because it is the most affordable option but also because it is more “senior citizen friendly”. We selected the Premium package for 30 persons, which cost about 14,769 pesos. This package has a cake and a guest book. We also received “free” invitation cards, sweet cookies as souvenirs, and a gift for Little Ahab.

Max's Restaurant cake for binyag (christening, baptism)
Little Ahab's christening cake from Max's Restaurant.

The best freebie that we got is the “NInong ko si Max” deal which entitled us for 2 Max’s regular fried chicken every year until Little Ahab turns seven years old. This means that we can get free fried chicken for Little Ahab’s birthday and Christmas.

Ninong ko si Max promo from Max's Restaurant
(Source: Max's Restaurant)

Little Ahab’s christening party came out great even though it was simple. We didn’t had any program or gimmick. We, together with the godparents and guests, went to Max’s just to eat. We simply enjoyed Max’s excellent dishes.


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