Visita Iglesia: Don Bosco Church

About two years ago, before I went to Thailand, I posted about my last first Friday in the Philippines. I spent that Friday by going to a Holy Mass with My Beloved Wife. The church in the post is the Don Bosco Church in Makati City.

Don Bosco Church in Makati City

Yesterday, I talked about a parish church dedicated to a student of Saint John Bosco, or more popularly known as Don Bosco. The church for the 6th day of the virtual Visita Iglesia was dedicated to the so called Teacher of the Youth.

Statues of Don Bosco and Dominic Savio at Don Bosco Church
Don Bosco & Dominic Savio, teacher and student.

Don Bosco Church in Makati is one of the few modern-styled churches in the Philippines that is not terrible. Its interior echoed the native Filipino design elements. Its ceiling looks like woven nipa.

Interior of Don Bosco Church

The altar looks like palm leaves radiating from the tabernacle.

Altar of Don Bosco Church

The word inculturation is one of the big words often mouthed by modernists in the Church. They use it to justify every new thing that they want to inject in the Church like new (and often false) teachings and the irreverent ways of celebrating the Holy Mass.

But inculturation is actually not a bad thing. Inculturation can enrich the heritage of the Church and may be a way to bring to Christ people of various cultures. Don Bosco Church’s interior design style is one good fruit of inculturation.

Replica of Don Bosco's House

At the side is the replica of Don Bosco’s house in Italy. The replica shows that Don Bosco lived a simple life. His house only has wooden doors and windows. And I bet that its furnishings are not luxurious. Displayed at the replica is a piece of brick from the original house of Don Bosco.

A piece of brick from the house of Dom Bosco in Italy

Don Bosco’s apostolate focused on caring for the youth, especially those who are poor and rejected by society. I think that this is the reason why Salesians has plenty of schools because they are continuing the works of Don Bosco.

Don Bosco’s work with the youth bore much fruit. That’s why it is not surprising that at least two young persons under his care became saints.

Statues of Don Bosco, Dominic Savio and Laura Vicuña at Don Bosco Church


Visita Iglesia is a Catholic tradition of visiting seven churches during Maundy Thursday. For each day, this Holy Week, I will feature one church as a sort of virtual Visita Iglesia.