North Thailand Road Trip (Part 3): Coffee Time at Le Petit Café

The best thing to do after a sumptuous meal is to eat some desserts. So, after enjoying a delicious lunch of Kôw Soy our generous hosts, the Thai and Filipina couple Yam and J, brought us to Le Petit Café.

Le Petit Cafe in Chiang Rai

I’ve been to Thailand for many months now but this was my first time to enter a coffee shop in this country. I guess I’m being too cheapskate.

Inside Le Petit Cafe, Chiang Rai

Le Petit Café is more European than Thai so European tourists will feel at home in this shop. I guess this is the best place for Europeans and Americans to relax after visiting so many Thai temples.

Of course, there’s still a hint of Asian/Thai:

Jars in Le Petit Cafe, Chiang Rai

Le Petit Café offers coffee, tea, and homemade pastries. They have tables and chairs outside (perfect for smokers) but we chose to enjoy our coffee inside the cafe.

Tables and chairs at Le Petit Cafe, Chiang Rai

I can’t remember the coffee flavor that I ordered. What I do remember is that I ordered a cold coffee drink.

Cold coffee from Le Petit Cafe, Chiang Rai

There is nothing special about the coffee of Le Petit Café. It’s just like the other coffee that I tasted in other coffee shops. What I do like about this coffee shop is its coziness.

Another thing that I like with Le Petit is the wall where customers can leave their thoughts.

Messages on the wall of Le Petit Cafe, Chiang Rai

I hung a tissue paper where I said: “Mas masarap pa rin ang kapeng barako ng Batangas” (Coffe from Batangas still tastes better”.

Pretty flowers at Le Petit Cafe, Chiang Rai

Outside of the coffee shop is a garden full of flowers. My favorite is the flower (in the above photo) hanging from a tree.

We had a relaxing afternoon at Le Petit Café. I guess we had a perfect stop before we continue our road trip around North Thailand.


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