Go for Polland's Hopia

Every sweldo day (pay day), I usually try to buy some food to reward myself for working hard during the past fifteen days. Sometimes I buy snacks, biscuits, or just the ice cream from a Mini Stop branch near our office. However, if I am really craving for something sweet, I go to the nearest Polland store located along Escolta and buy some of their sweet and delicious hopia.

Hopia is a kind bread that is usually circular in shape. What makes this bread delicious is the mongo paste that is used to fill the hopia. Original hopia is filled with either the red mongo or the ordinary mongo. Nowadays, hopia has many flavors ranging from the original flavor, durian flavored, chocolate flavored, watermelon flavors, and many more. These kinds of hopia can be found in Polland. However, even if there are new flavors of hopia, my favorite still is the regular mongo flavor.

Polland’s hopia became my favorite because it sweeter and tastier than the other hopia that I had tasted before. But then again, I still have to taste other hopia from Eng Bee Tin to make a better judgment.

Still, even if I had not visited Eng Bee Tin to taste their hopia yet, I could say that Polland’s hopia is delicious and is not a waste of my hard-earned money.

So, if you ever found yourself in the Binondo Area or Chinatown in Manila and you are craving for something, I suggest that you go visit Polland and taste their hopia.


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Image of Polland's hopia came from the multiply site: "Sino sino, kung anu ano, atbp."

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  1. love hopiang mongo ish... ayaw ko nng hopiang baboy haha...

    1. Hi Blue.

      We are the same. I prefer hopiang munggo over the hopiang baboy.

      Hopiang munggo tastes better.

  2. I forgot how Polland Hopia tastes like. lol. But I know it's truly delicious.. Eng Bee Tin's Hopia tastes good too. You should try it. ;)

    1. Hi Mariel. ^_^ You really forgot the taste of Polland's hopia? Awww...gusto mo libre kita? Pero isa lang ha. Nagtitipid ako.


  3. mas masarap ung pinakaoriginal flavor - hopiang munggo...
    try Eng Bee Tin masarap hopia nila dun pati tikoy...^_^

    1. Yeah. I totally agree with you there. ^_^

      Masarap talaga ang orig.

      Natikman ko na yung tikoy nila sa Eng Bee Tin. Subukan ko siguro yung hopia next time.

  4. hopia baboy man oh munggo pati ube
    ansarap sarap

  5. Masarap talaga ang hopia. Naalala ko tuloy yung hopia na binibili ng Lola ko. Yung nasa red box na kadalasang binabenta sa mga tinadahan. Salazar's yata yun.


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