Pizza Hut in SM Sta. Rosa is NOT Baby Friendly

Pizza Hut Philippines is Not Baby Friendly

My Beloved Wife Lei is craving for pizza so we went to our favorite pizza joint: Pizza Hut. 

Lei was lured by Pizza Hut’s Pizza Panalo Promo that's why she chose that restaurant over Greenwich, which is another pizza restaurant that we frequents.

Everything is fine until I asked the waitress:

"Meron kayong high chair?"

She answered, "Wala po." 

I felt disappointed! Why does a family restaurant does not have a seat for toddlers? Didn't they know that it is VERY difficult to eat with a hyperactive child? What's more difficult is that we have to makulit babies.

The Pizza Hut in SM Sta. Rosa had high chairs in the past. I didn’t know why they removed them without any replacement. I also noticed mommies and daddies in the other tables having diffulty eating while taking care of their babies and toddlers.

Pizza Hut's pizza is yummy as usual but I did not enjoy it that much because of the makukulits.

I do hope that they will have high chairs the next time we dine in their restaurant. We will not patronize this restaurant until then.


We recently dined in Pizza Hut in SM Santa ROsa and I am happy to report that they already have two high chairs. Well, this number is not enough but it better to have two high chairs than nothing.

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  1. baka mamaya bumili ako ng pizza hut...

  2. Replies
    1. You are correct. I do hope that Pizza Hut in that branch place chairs for babies for the comfort and convenience of mommies and daddies patronizing them.

  3. That's sad...and insensitive to customer's needs. Baka nasira and hindi pa nila napapalitan? Still, I don't think they should allow it to happen na mawalan ng high chair.

    1. Mukhang nakarating na yung mensahe ko sa Pizza Hut. May high chair na uli sa SM Sta. Rosa branch nila.


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