A Greater Gift than Legos

I remember my childhood days when I always ask my father, day in and day out, to buy me a set of Lego. I vaguely remember the scene but it always happen every time my father prepares for work. I always tell him, “Papa, papa, ibili mo ako ng Lego” (Papa, papa, buy me a Lego). He always reply, “Ano? Gusto mo ng ligo” (What? Do you want to bathe?). In short, my father never bought me a set of Lego. I had no choice but to play with toys that I got free from cheap chichiria (snacks). I have used my imagination to play war, fight a dragon, or build a kingdom.

I suddenly remembered this episode of my childhood when I passed by a Lego store while I was walking around Trinoma Mall. It made me recall that my father failed to give the things that I wanted, even if I asked for it earnestly.

My thoughts wandered from my childhood memory to God. In my prayers, I always ask God for many things. I ask Him,  not only for material things, but also the things concerning my Faith. I get so impatient for many times that I think that God is so slow to act. It is as if that He acts like my earthly father who only responded with jokes to avoid giving in to the request of His child.

Just like that Lego episode, I asked God specific things and expected Him to respond the way I want Him to. My father did not give me the Lego set that I wanted but he gave me better things. He worked hard and provided the things that I truly need, which are the things that enabled me to continue my childhood imaginations that do not require Legos. God listens to my requests and He responds by giving me things that are better than what I expected.

Giving us the best things is what God is good at. Since the fall of Adam and Eve, we human beings are waiting for our redemption from Death. We are burdened by our sinfulness but we have an inkling that God is working to save us. It is just that we didn't know how He will do it. The Jews, during the time of the Gospels, believed that God will redeem His people through political power. They are wrong, however, because God gave them a better way of redemption that save Jews and Gentiles alike.

Jesus Christ is God and people expected Him to be clothed in kingly apparel like King David. Yet God chose the better, nay the best, route and that is by showing His humility by being born on the manger. This humility is the one we celebrate this Christmas Day.

We always ask God for “Legos” but God always give us things that are better than Legos. This is the lesson that I learned when I saw that Lego store. I believe that this is also the lesson that we should learn this Christmas.

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  1. It's true. Oftentimes we seem to forget the things that really matter and concentrate on those that we think is lacking in our lives. May we all be reminded of what is truly important this festive season -- Jesus and family. =)

  2. You are correct there Tin. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  3. Belated Christmas Blessings upon you and your family... Hope you had a meaningful one.


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