Summer Fun in Palawan: Family Beach Bonding at Microtel, Puerto Princesa

Summer Fun in Microtel Palawan

It is difficult to find a good beach in the poblacion of Puerto Princesa City. Almost all of its coastline is covered with mangrove forest. We thought that the Emerald Beach, located at the east coast of the city, has the most OK beach in the poblacion. There are only two resorts in Emerald Beach, namely, Microtel Palawan and the Emerald Playa Beach.

The Emerald Playa Beach was cheaper option but since we are bringing the kids we chose the pricey option because of it has a better amenities. The pricey option is Microtel Puerto Princesa.

Microtel Palawan in Puerto Princesa

How We Booked a Room in Microtel Palawan

Booking a room in Microtel Palawan is quite easy. I just went to their website then choose the room or package that suited our budget. We chose the Lagoon View Room, which has 2 queen-sized beds.

We were in luck because Microtel was having a “flash deals” at the time. We booked the room for 2 days and 2 nights for 5,000.00 pesos. The promo is good for 2 adults and 2 children, which is perfect for us. We used our credit card to pay, which we did through the Microtel Palawan website.

Our Bed in Microtel Palawan, Puerto Princesa

We were afraid that our babies will fall down while we were sleeping so we moved the beds to the wall.

A view from our room in Microtel Palawan, Puerto Princesa

Our room does not face the sea, which was fine with us because the rooms with a good view of the sea are more expensive.

Shower in Microtel Palawan, Puerto Princesa

We have no complaints about our room. It has a cable TV, cool aircon, and a well maintained bathroom. Free WiFi is only available at the lobby. It was not a problem for us because we brought our own modem.

Toiletries in Microtel Palawan, Puerto Princesa

How to Go to Microtel Palawan from the Airport

One complaints of their guests is that Microtel Palawan is very far from the city center. It is about 4.5 kilometers away from the nearest shopping mall. Well, the complaints are true. We passed through areas that are almost uninhabited. We also passed through a mangrove forest just to reach the hotel. Microtel Palawan is not recommended to tourists who want shops and bars located near the hotel.

Mangrove at the back Microtel Palawan, Puerto Princesa

Good thing that Microtel Palawan arranged a van to pick us up from the Puerto Princesa International Airport. The same van was used to ferry us and other hotel guests to the Robinsons Mall. The vans leave the hotel at definite time so we had to go to the lobby on time lest we have to wait for an hour or so for the next trip to the city.

Our Microtel Palawan Experience

It was already past noon when we reached Microtel Palawan. The staff at the front desk took a while to confirm our booking and prepare our room. So, I had no choice but to run after Samuel and Samantha at the hotel lobby.

Lobby of Microtel Palawan, Puerto Princesa

My little ones’ favorite is this big chair.

The big chair in Microtel Palawan, Puerto Princesa

We were famished because we arrived at the hotel around noon. So we went directly to the restaurant for lunch.

Restaurant in Microtel Palawan, Puerto Princesa

We were the only ones in that restaurant but it took a while before they served our food. Our children were getting angry because of hunger. Good that they have a mini-playground where I diverted their attention.

Our empty plates in Microtel Palawan, Puerto Princesa

The food is above average. Unfortunately, only breakfast is complimentary so we have to pay a hefty price for the food.

We went to the beach at late afternoon after Sam and Sam’s afternoon nap. We were disappointed with what we saw.

Low tide in Microtel Palawan, Puerto Princesa

The sea was gone!

The sea is gone in Microtel Palawan, Puerto Princesa

It was already low tide and sea receded very far away. The hotel staff cautioned us from going to the sea at that time because it is deep in those parts.

We just opted to dip in their swimming pool, which the kids truly enjoyed.

Swimming pool in Microtel Palawan, Puerto Princesa

Bringing Samuel and Samantha to the water is one of my fondest memories. I enjoyed seeing them wade, jump, and play in the water. We stayed in the pool until early evening.

Swimming in Microtel Palawan, Puerto Princesa

We didn’t eat dinner  at the hotel. We rode the hotel van and went to the Robinson’s mall where we ate dinner and bought some supplies.

After a restful night and a filling breakfast, we immediately went to the beach. And the sea is back!

High tide in Microtel Palawan, Puerto Princesa

The sea fronting Microtel Palawan is very shallow. Me and My Beloved Wife Lei were able to wade far from the beach.

Microtel Palawan, Puerto Princesa

Microtel Palawan’s beachfront is quite narrow. Thus, Samuel only had a little space to play on the sand.

We had a very good time frolicking in the sea. I believe that we made a good decision in choosing Microtel Palawan.

The sea is back in Microtel Palawan, Puerto Princesa

All in all, we had a very good time in Microtel Palawan. The hotel staff provided us with good service. In comparison to the other hotels that we slept in Puerto Princesa, I can say that Microtel Palawan is at the head of the pack.


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