Buying Danggit in Puerto Princesa Public Market

One thing that I envy with the residents of Palawan is their fresh seafood (which is fresh as in freshly harvested from the sea and not the other “fresh” that means freshly picked from the cold storage of supermarkets).

Palawan still has clean seas that’s why this province is a source of seafood for Metro Manila. My Beloved Wife Lei knows this that’s why she made sure to go to the local palengke to buy some dried danggit.

Puerto Princesa public market

Danggit is the Visayan (or Cebuano) name for the rabbitfish or spinefoot.1 It is usually dried and then fried. It’s crispy-salty goodness will make you want for more.

Dried danggit is one of Lei’s favorite that why I always buy some of it whenever I visit Cebu.

The Puerto Princesa Public Market is conveniently located near our hotel thus we didn’t had a hard time going to it. It looks the same as the palengke in other towns because it has the wet section for fishes and other seafood, the meat section, and other areas where veggies and other dry goods are sold. The unique area in Puerto Princesa’s palengke is the presence of shops that sell dried seafood, nuts, and other food souvenir items. I guess this area of the palengke reflects the touristy side of Puerto Princesa.

Dried fishes at Puerto Princesa palengke

I enjoyed watching Lei as she haggled with the vendor. The stubbornness of the vendor won so we bought a kilo of danggit for 240 pesos. I know it looks expensive but this can be considered a bargain since dried danggit is twice or thrice more expensive in Metro Manila.

Nuts for sale in Puerto Princesa Public Market

Danggit is not the only dried seafood that is for sale. There’s dried squid, dried anchovies, the common tuyo, the common daing, and many more. There are nuts too. Of course, sweets are also available.

My Beloved Wife Lei checking out the dried fihes in Puerto Princesa Public Market

We checked out other food items in the palengke but we just bought the dried danggit. Well, I guess Lei is already contented with the dried danggit.


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1. The information about danggit came from the Danggit article in WikiPilipinas.

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  1. Replies
    1. It's a fish that looks like a rabbit, complete with bunny ears. :-P

  2. Oh OK I googled the image. Haha! Looks like the dried danggit your wife bought is worth the price! :)

    1. Haha...I haven't Googled the image yet. So I'm curious with this rabbitfish.

      The price is really worth it.

  3. I don't know what that is. Sure would love to try.

    1. It's similar to regular dried fish. I know that you'll like this.


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