Honda Bay Tour (Part 3): Finale in Cowrie Island

After the uneventful lunch break on Luli Island, our group rode the banca again to go to the last island in our itinerary. This island is none other than the Cowrie Island.

Honda Bay Tour - Cowrie Island

“Cowrie, what?” I said when I first heard it from our tour guide. My mind was suddenly filled with thoughts of cows and milk and 8 maids-a-milking. Cowrie would be grassy and green for the sake of the cows (and goats).

My imagination was (of course) wrong because Cowrie Island is full of sand.

Cowrie Shells
(Source: Wikipedia)

Cowrie Island was actually named after a species of snails that goes by name “cowrie”. These snails have egg-shaped shells which are very common in the Philippines. In fact, I’ve seen cowrie shells used as decorations in our office. When I was little, my aunt has a figurine which was entirely made of cowrie shells.

Ironically, I didn’t saw any cowrie shell during our visit to Cowrie Island.

Honda Bay Tour - Cowrie Island

Cowrie Island is very different from the first two island that we visited during the tour. Starfish Island and Luli Island only have few cottages and devoid of any touristy activity other than snorkeling and swimming in the sea. Cowrie Island, on the other hand, is a beach resort with restaurants, banana boats and the crowd of tourists. It even have a website!

Restaurant on Cowrie Island, Honds Bay

We didn’t try dining in the restaurant so we have no idea what their food taste like. I guess the comments in Tripadvisor will be of some help.

My Beloved Wife Lei and I roamed the island and we saw nothing unusual other than a small wooden ship beached on the island.

Wreck at Cowrie Island, Honda Bay

It is possible that waves pushed this ship to the island during a storm. But I guess it is more probable that it is an abandoned pirate ship that was left behind after the pirates buried their treasure somewhere in the island. :-P

A visitor of Cowrie Island, Honda Bay

Since it is the last island for our tour, we took our time dipping in the salty waters of Honda Bay. Lei enjoyed the tour very much and I guess that she’s satisfied with all the beaches that we visited on the three islands. Our Honda Bay Tour made our first husband and wife perfect.


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  1. Lovely shells! Nice ship, and nice pic too. Too bad it's abandoned.

    1. I guess it was abandoned because the owner don't have the means to pull the ship back to the sea.

  2. Aren't those the shells you use for sungka? :)

  3. The less people the better, that's me! I am glad that you both enjoyed your trip. And cowrie shells are aplenty, though they use they take out of the sea to make decors of them.

    1. Pareho tayo. I prefer that there are less people in the places that I visit. Mahirap kasing gumalaw kapag siksikan.


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