End of Our Palawan Family Trip: Flying Out from the New Puerto Princesa International Airport

With heavy hearts, we finally left the beach of Microtel Palawan to pack up our things for our trip home. Our check out time is 12 noon but our flight is in the late afternoon. This meant we had more time to tour Puerto Princesa.

My Beloved Wife Lei and I went to the palengke during our honeymoon in Puerto Princesa four years ago. Lei bought dried danggit and dried squid, which are her favorites.

We went back to the palengke, with the kids in tow, to once again buy the favorite dried goodies.

Dried danggit and other Pasalubong in Puerto Princesa Palengke

Lei bought a kilo of dried danggit. The palengke have other shops that sell souvenirs and sweet pasalubongs but we ignored them. We just bought the dried seafood and then to the Puerto Princesa Airport we go.

Departure gate of the Puerto Princesa International Airport

The Puerto Princesa Airport is very different from the airport that we visited during our honeymoon. The airport terminal was small and can get crowded easily. Now, the Puerto Princesa Airport is much biggers, much spacious - much better!

Inside the Puerto Princesa International Airport

Unfortunately, we got stuck at the Puerto Princesa Airport for almost two hours because of delayed flights. It is a big pain to be stuck in an airport with two makukulit babies. My patience was almost spent.

Gate 3 of Puerto Princesa International Airport

We survived the ordeal and in the end we boarded a Cebu Pacific flight back to Manila. And that’s the end of our short family vacation to the paradise island of Puerto Princesa. It was the first time that little Samuel and little Samantha visited the island and I believe that this will not be the last.

Inside the Cebu Pacific Airplane


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  1. Nice airport. Palawan is near Sabah/Borneo, right - the long island. I taught Geography once, including a chapter on the Philippines.

    1. You are correct. Palawan is the long island extending from southwest of Luzon Island to Sabah.


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