Buying Souvenirs and Pasalubong in LRC Mall, Puerto Princesa

Traveling to other places is a short and (usually) sweet experience. There are beautiful places to see, unique food to taste, and the moments outside of the usual daily routine. It is a rare experience that’s why I made it a habit to buy souvenirs during my travels.

Our trip to Puerto Princesa earlier this year was not different. Me and My Beloved Wife Lei made it sure that we get some souvenirs and pasalubong for the people waiting for us in Manila. So, before the end of our awesome Puerto Princesa Underground River tour we asked our tour guide to drop us to the best place where we can shop for souvenirs.

Our tour guide brought us to LRC Market Mall.

LRC Market Mall in Puerto Princesa, Palawan

LRC Market Mall doesn’t appear impressive because it looks more of a flea market than a mall. It actually looks like the uncrowded (and smaller) version of Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok. The place is hot and may make you sweaty all over.

But don’t let the appearance deceive you because LRC Market Mall is filled to the gills with souvenir items from all over Palawan.

Souvenir shops in LRC Market Mall, Puerto Princesa, Palawan

This is where I found my favorite souvenir items: key chains and ref magnets. We also looked at interesting items made of shells, wood carvings, bags, t-shirt and more. I was contented with key chains and magnets but Lei was searching for pearl earrings.

Souvenirs for sale in Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Puerto Princesa is a good place to buy pearls because it is located near Sulu Sea and the Sulu Archipelago which are the source of the famed pearls. In fact, this part of the country is so popular for pearls that pearl farms sprouted off the seas of Coron, Busuanga, Dumaran, and Balabac.  The beautiful pearls coming from these farms costs hundreds of dollars a piece.

Of course, Lei didn’t buy the expensive pearls. She’s OK with the pearls in LRC mall.

My Beloved Wife Lei buying pearl earrings in LRC Market Mall, Puerto Princesa

We were satisfied with our shopping in LRC Market Mall. We managed to get bargains for our purchases and the vendors are easy to talk with. The market is not that crowded and very easy to navigate.

If you’re a tourist looking for a good place to buy souvenirs and pasalubong, I suggest that you go to LRC Market Mall. It is located along Puerto Princesa North Road, Barangay San Miguel. Any tricycle or taxi cab can easily bring you to this market.

Look at the Google Map below for directions to LRC Market Mall.


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  1. I love bazaars like this one. So many interesting things to see and to buy! There's one in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah - they call it the Flilipino Market.


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