Early Christmas Gifts (And a Late Thank You Post)

I always look forward to Christmas when I was a child. It is the day to receive gifts and money from generous ninongs and ninangs, and aunts and uncles. Even my grandfather gives gifts to all of his grandchildren.

My ampao is full of money back then. I had new toys. I had new shirts. I even enjoyed the Christmas feast with my relatives. But things changed when I grew older. I’m now the giver instead of the recipient of the gifts.

That’s why I’m pleased when I received some unexpected gifts from my friends.

Mortar and pestle from Romblon

The first gift that I got came from the rocky island of Romblon. It is a mortar and pestle made of Romblon’s marble (marmol). I don’t know if my Beloved and I will use it in the future.

Souvenir from Romblon

Well, at least I already have a souvenir from Romblon even though I haven’t visited the place.

Another gift that I got came from a pro-life friend. It came from a more distant land.

Rosary from Bethlehem and necklace from the Sea of Galilee

It was a rosary from the birth-place of Jesus Christ and a necklace from a lake that is also connected to Him.

I also got an item from CD-R King during a Christmas party in the office. It is a very useful item, which allows me to charge my electronic devices on the go.

CDR King Solar Power Bank

A very good friend gave yummy mango float as her Christmas gift during my recent trip to Davao. Masarap gumawa ng mango float, pwede na mag-asawa. ;-)

Christmas message from a friend

The mango float is gone. What was left is her message.

But the best gift that I got this Christmas is...

2013 Nativity scene (Belen) of Binondo Church
Belen in Binondo Church.

...the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

No one can top this.

I just want to say: THANK YOU for all of the people who gave these Christmas presents. May the Lord bless you always and my you receive the best gift of all.

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  1. Belated Merry Christmas and advanced Happy New Year parekoy!

    wow, ang daming gifts ah XD

    1. Maraming salamat Parekoy.

      Maraming gifts mula sa mga kaibigan. :-)

  2. Totally agree, we can never expect gifts at this age during holidays, so there's a big surprise and gratitude when it comes. I can relate to this one, that wishful thinking of having more gifts at my desk makes me feel more special and make me forget all the holiday gastos. Hahaha

    Have a happy New year!

    1. :-) Yes. That's why it seems so good to be a little child again. *sigh*

  3. I miss the days when I would unwrap plenty of presents during Christmas Eve and receive aguinaldos from my ninangs, titos and titas. When I was younger, I think about 3 to 6 years old, I had this red christmas sock that I never fail to hang on our Christmas tree. My mom and ate would tell me that I shouldn't forget to hang that sock because Santa only places his gifts to children on Christmas socks. And in the morning I would check the sock first thing after I woke up to see if it has something in it. For years, I'd always believed in Santa. :)
    As we grow older, we'd laugh at those silly memories but I guess that's one of the best memories we'll always have. :)

    I received lesser gifts last Christmas but I'm happy that I was able to make the kids at home happy with what I gave them. Still I'm grateful because I received 900 pesos from my ninangs though I am not expecting to receive anything anymore. :)

    - lunebelle

    1. Hello Lunebelle. I guess that the best gift that you got is the smile of those kids who received your gifts. :-)

      I still have those memories of Christmas when I was a child. Everything seems to be more magical back then. And yes, the memories stuck even though I'm already old.


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