End of the Month Roundup – June 2014

It is that day of the year again when we all have to say good bye to the first half of the year. Time is so fast that I didn’t notice that I’m already 5 months into our married life and I just saw the very first photo of my child. In just few winks we'll be celebrating our anniversary, the first birthday of our child, and many more happy moments.

My Beloved Wife Lei's pregnancy is both exhausting and exciting. Right now she's thinking if she will be a stay-at-home mom or a working mom. I hope that we can prepare well whatever her decision may be. Of course we're praying to Mama Mary and other saints for their intercession.

I continued posting about our wedding preparations thhis month. I featured the wedding invitation cards and wedding gowns in Divisoria. I also posted about our search for hotels and also the place where we stayed the night before our wedding day, which is Copacabana Apartment Hotel.

I posted also posted about some Filipino wedding traditions that we encountered in our wedding adventure.

Wedding documents are overlooked during wedding preparation, so I posted about the importance of church wedding documents and how we got our NSO birth certificates and CENOMAR.

I hope that these posts will be helpful for soon-to-be-wed couples out there.

I also posted about two Korean restaurants: BonChon and Mr. Kimbob, and the puto and kutsinta from Rocha's. I even talked about my failed dinengdeng.

Facepalm Moment of the Month

Coloma mastered the art of blaming other people. Haha. Facepalm.

Coloma fail
(Source: Showbiz Government)
Dear Coloma, we deserve to buy high quality rice because it is OUR MONEY! You try eating the bad quality rice so you'll know why we want good smelling rice. Kutusan kita d'yan eh.
June Funnies

Facebook is a great source of amusement. Here are my favourites:

The world in the eyes of a gamer

How gamers think when in church
(Source: 9Gag)

And why you might think twice in buying DIY crucifixes.

DIY Crucifixion
(Source: Catholic Link)

Things I Learned (TIL)

What I like with the research part of my work is that I encounter interesting readings in the Internet. Here are some of the things that I learned:

1. Did you know that the first bishop of the Catholic Church in Mongolia is a Filipino priest? (Source: Wikipedia)
2.  Over in Eye in the Sky, I read about Vietnam refugees living in Puerto Princesa, Palawan. I didn’t know that a dwindling Vietnamese community exists in that part of the Philippines.

3. Also in Palawan, I discovered that a town in that Philippine province was named after Sir James Brooke, the first white rajah of Sarawak. The connection between Brooke and Palawan is obscure. (Source: Wikipedia)

4. A centennial tunnel is located in the town of Aringay (La Union). This tunnel, built during the Spanish period, was meant to be a tunnel of a railway system that didn’t materialize. This tunnel was used by the Japanese as a camp during the Second World War.

Historic Centennial Tunnel in Aringay, La Union
(Source: La Union Province website)

5. I learned recently that some samurais became Christians, others became pirates, and others were employed as mercenaries by the Spaniards in a plot to invade China. (Source: List Verse)

6. An Operational Plan estimated that the Japanese have 170,000 soldiers in the Philippine prior

Number of Japanese soldiers prior to the Allied Leyte Landings (World War 2)
(Source: iBiblio)

7. And the best TIL is that I should avoid kebab as much as possible:

Yummy kebab
(Source: Shasha)

Yummy! They even posed for the camera.

And before I end, let me share an advice from Brod Pete.

Brod Pete on bait-baitan


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