How We Got Our NSO Birth Certificate and CENOMAR

Aside from the church documents, our wedding church required us to submit some documents issued by the government. These documents are our birth certificates and certificate of no marriage (CENOMAR) from the National Statistics Office (NSO).

NSO birth certificate

The NSO birth certificate serves as the proof of our birth. Important details from the birth certificate include the name of our parents and our birth date. The CENOMAR, on the other hand, serves as a proof that the NSO has no record of our previous marriage, if there was any. CENOMAR is used as a proof that the person is unmarried, according to the records of NSO.

The common way of getting the NSO birth certificate and the CENOMAR is by going to the NSO main office and then queue for a day. It’s a big hassle.

We didn’t want to waste our time in NSO main office so we just ordered our NSO birth certificate and CENOMAR through e-Census. Our NSO birth certificate and CENOMAR were delivered to us after 5 working. Ordering these certificates online is truly hassle free!

For a step-by-step guide in ordering your NSO birth certificate and CENOMAR, I suggest that you read this article: NSO Birth Certificate Delivery.

We paid 315 pesos per copy of our NSO birth certificate and 415 pesos for the CENOMAR.

These online ordering services are truly helpful for soon-to-be-married couples because the time that might be used in going to the NSO main office can now be spent in other aspects of the wedding preparations.

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