Wedding Prep: Finding a Hotel

Our house in the province is very far away from the church where we will hold our wedding. It is impractical for us to prepare ourselves (outfit, flowers, and make-up for the bride) and then travel for so many hours to our wedding. We were, then, forced to find a hotel where we can do our pre-wedding preparations.

The hotel that we were looking for should be within our budget and have rooms that are spacious enough for my bride, her bridesmaids, our mothers, our make-up artists, and all the photographers who will cover our special event. Of course, the main factor is that the hotel is just few minutes away from the church, including the journey through the possible congested traffic.

Three hotels fit in our criteria and these are Herald Suites, Avitel Hotel, and Copacabana Apartment Hotel.

Herald Suites

The first hotel that we visited is located along Don Chino Roces Avenue, near Don Bosco Church in Makati. Herald Suites, as the receptionist told us, is catered more for businessmen because of its proximity to Makati Central Business District. But they assured us that they can allow make-up artists and photographers. They also allow photoshoot and video-taking in the rooms and the hotel lobby.

Herald Suites

Lei liked the hotel lobby. Unfortunately, we were not able to check their rooms so I cannot comment about that.

Visit the Herald Suite website for more info.

Avitel Hotel

The next hotel that we visited has a very crowded lobby. This is understandable, however, because Avitel Hotel is a budget hotel. The receptionist that entertained us was not sure if the make-up artists, photographers and our many visitors will be allowed in Avitel Hotel. I think she’s hesitating maybe because it was the first time someone asked wedding-related use for their rooms. Also, the Avitel Hotel is so crowded that our crowd will make the hotel more crowded.

So, in the end, we didn’t consider Avitel Hotel as a place for our pre-wedding preparations.

Copacabana Apartment Hotel

The last hotel that we visited is Copacabana Apartment Hotel, located along EDSA beside Heritage Hotel. This is the hotel that we selected because it fulfilled all of our criteria. I will talk about this hotel in the next blog post.

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  1. Here,' if you hold the reception at a hotel, they will give you the bridal suite, complimentary...and other rooms for family and guests, they will give a special discounted rate.

    1. It is not the same with the hotels that we visited around here. Or maybe because I didn't asked at the right hotels.


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