End of the Month Roundup - March 2013

Time indeed moves very quickly. The month of March has ended and the first quarter of 2013 is gone. Nine months more and we'll be welcoming 2014. Aside from the end of first quarter, March is also the month when I ended my 6-month stay in Thailand. I posted my farewell to this beautiful country before the Holy Week began.

Some of you might have noticed that I didn't posted anything during the Holy Week. I also failed to visit other blogs. I even went missing-in-action (MIA) in Facebook. The reason is that I was overwhelmed with my work loads in the office. I also had a difficulty adjusting to my old-new environment. I had no choice but to take a rest from blogging during the Holy Week.

I am glad to report that I enjoyed a long rest during the Holy Week. I didn't went to vacation, though, because I want my Holy Week to be spent with my love ones.

There are so many things that occurred during the month of March. I managed to visit some interesting places during my remaining days in Thailand. I managed to visit the Grand Palace and saw the much revered Emerald Buddha. I also joined a trip to towns located in northern Thailand, which gave me the chance to reach the Thai boundary with Myanmar. I also visited Sukhothai and Ayutthaya, which are the old capitals of the Kingdom of Siam. I assure you will enjoy my posts about these travels. So, please watch out for them.

It seems that I already said a lot of things (4 paragraphs!). So, without further ado, I begin the roundup for March.

I only posted about my [mis]adventures to Phukhieo Wildlife Sanctuary this month. I started with our stop over at a Buddhist temple, which coincidentally is the very first Buddhist that I visited.

Wat Promraungsri in Thailand

This is Wat Promraungsri built by a Thai celebrity in honor of a Buddhist monk, who lived around 150 years ago.

I enjoyed our visit to Phukhieo Wildlife Sanctuary. I saw many animals like the deer, some wild dogs and few birds. The animal that I were so attached to during my visit is the leech.

Leech in Phukhieo Wildlife Sancrtuary, Thailand

I also got the chance to see a big skull of an elephant complete with its tusks!

I'm a little disappointed with our Phukhieo trip because our travel time is longer that our actual stay at the place. Our bird watching is a failure because the birds of Phukhieo hid themselves from us. My disappointment was gone, however, when I saw Phukhieo's giant tree.

Giant tree of Phukhieo Wildlife Sanctuary, Thailand

The trip also had two bonuses because it gave me the opportunity to visit the Chulabhorn Dam and the winery of Vin de Ray.

Giant bottles at Vin de Ray winery, Thailand

So, these are my posts during March. I am slowly laying out my adventures in Thailand. So, expect more Thai adventure posts in April, May, June and even July. I only hope that you will not be satiated with my Thai adventures.

End of the Month Roundup is the monthly segment of this blog that summarizes all the adventures that I featured for the month.

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  1. ang bilis nga naman talaga ng panahon
    bigla bigla natatapos ang mga buwan ng di natin napapansin

    1. Tama ka d'yan. Ang bilis talaga ng panahon. Humahagibis sa bilis.

  2. Wow, talagang uuwi ka na sa ating bayang magiliw parekoy :)

    welcome back!!!

  3. love the giant tree the most and also the Buddhist temple

  4. welcome back sa Pinas Ish.. hmmmm saan kaya next travel mo?


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