Durian + Sticky Rice + Coconut Sauce = Sarap

Our roast duck breakfast in Prachak is not the end of our food trip at Charoen Krung Road. My travel companion, Foong PC, took me to another restaurant for a dessert. We walked a little until we reached a small cafe.

Cafe at Bangkok Chinatown

This shop sells fresh coffee and tea but those are not our target. We, particularly Foong, went here for the sticky rice with durian.

I don’t know what to expect from such kind of dessert. It was my first time to hear of the durian and sticky rice combination. I usually eat durian flesh without anything mixed with it. Thus, I was intrigued.

Unfortunately, the cafe ran out of durian. The shop owner said that they can sell the sticky rice but without the durian. Foong was not daunted, however. We went out of the shop then bought durian fruit from a fruit stall along Charoen Krung Road.

Fruit stall at Bangkok Chinatown

We brought back the durian to the cafe and it is a big one to boot.

Durian from Thailand

Then each of us bought a plate of sticky rice.

Sticky rice from Thailand

Which was then bathed with the special coconut sauce.

Sticky rice from Thailand

And finally partnered with durian.

Thai dessert - sticky rice with durian

It tasted really good!

This sticky rice with durian is one of the best desserts that I’ve tasted in Thailand. The coconut sauce enhanced the taste of the sticky rice and it also mixed well with the durian. Though, the durian in Thailand is not that smelly as compared to the durians from Mindanao.

I am yet to see the sticky rice and durian combination in the Philippines. If there is none then maybe I should bring this dessert to our country by opening up a cafe selling this.

The sticky rice + special coconut sauce + durian dessert only cost 60 Thai Baht per plate so I guess it is not that expensive because it really tastes good.

Aside from this special dessert, coffee and tea; this cafe also sells sweets like puddings, breads and cakes.

Thai desserts - bread and other sweets

There is also a sort of meringue and other Thai sweets that might interest you. So I suggest that you visit this cafe along Charoen Krung Road.

Thai dessert - meringue and other sweets

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  1. sarap nito. parang suman ito sa tin :)

  2. Still sticking with mangoes though I love eating durian. Thanks for this info. Will go visit.

  3. Yum! Yum! Drooling at the sticky rice with durian!!!

  4. Glad we managed to drop by this shop! : )

  5. So para syang flavored suman? Interesting. I still don't like Durian though. =)

    1. Masarap kaya yung durian. Try mo. :-) I'm sure maraming durian sa Singapore kasi malapit lang sila sa Malaysia.


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