Looking Back and Looking Forward

There is a reason why the first month of the year is named after the Greek god Janus. He is the only god that has two faces that enable him to look to the past and to the future. January is the month when we still remember the events of the past year. It is also the month that we have no choice but to move forward to rest of the year.


It is just few hours before 2011 gives way to 2012. This day is the perfect moment to look back to what happened to the topsy-turvy events of this year.

2011 is a memorable year for me. I have met a lot of people, either online or offline, and some of them became my good friends. This is also the year when I clashed with many people when it comes to controversial issues like the RH Bill. Clashing with other people online helped improve my debating skills. The divisive issue also helped me know where some of my friends and readers are coming from. Unlike the last year, I am not alone in these battles. I have met so many like-minded people who understand how destructive the proposed law is. This is also the year when God poured in so much of His grace for the sake my of my spiritual well-being. There were times when I see everything bleak and hopeless but my God is persistent in pulling me out of the hole I put myself into.

2011 is also the year when this blog grew to “epic” proportions. My blog only has less than a hundred visitors per day last year. The numbers of visitors grew to around 300 to 500 per day readers this year. The increase in number of visitors resulted to an increase of income for me. My income from Google Ads improved and I get more paid posts. Thanks to all the visitors who dropped by my blogs. I do hope that they got the information that they are looking for.

Thank You

More important to one-time visitors of this blog are my suking readers who constantly comments to my posts. Special mention should be given to:

Suitapui who is known for posts of yummy foods that usually makes my mouth water.
Anney who is the master in making art works our of foods.
The diligent student Steve.
The always-hiding-behind-the-panda-face Foong. :-)
Dear maarteh and makulit Tine Rojas.
The super-mother Mommy Einz.
Ate Faye of Hollands.
Caroline Ng May Ling who always gives me ideas on the latest beauty trends.
Kuya Diamond in deserts of Middle East.
My good friend Frumpy Mom.
Blogger extraordinaire Bluedreamer.
The not-so-average Tin, who I first knew as the Average Jane.
The food blogger Pinkcookies.
The super-pogi Sendo and Jag.
The poetic Arvin.

Thank you very much for constantly visiting. You all made my blog filled with comments. Of course there are constant readers who don't leave any comments. Well, thank you very much for constant visits. Hope to hear from you in 2012.

A special part of this post is to be given to my beloved, who not only accompanies me to my travel but also accompanies me in my life. She is made my 2011 so colorful (and a little bit topsy-turvy too).

Now, I have dealt with “looking back” face of Janus. Expect more colorful posts from me in the year 2012. May you continue in visiting my blogs and be with me to look forward to the future.

A blessed New Year to everyone! It is time for fireworks!


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  1. Thanks so much for the special mention and for your greetings in my blog as well as on Facebook. Interesting piece of info about Janus there - I didn't know that.

    May God bless you and your family abundantly this New Year's Day and throughout the year ahead, Ishmael...and thanks for being a friend. Cheers!

  2. Oh! You mentioned me! Haha!! Thanks! 2011 will always be the year I remember meeting up with you in Manila! : )

  3. May the new year brings you lots of success in your career, lots of good health, wealth, joy and happiness!! : )

  4. Uy! Special mention pa! Hehehe! Thanks!

    Happy new year to you and your wonderful family! =)

  5. STP

    Thank you very much STP. :-)

    Yeah, Janus is an interesting mythological character.


    Thank you very much Panda.




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