Crows Surrounded Me in Lumphini

I still have a couple of hours of sunlight after I shopped in Siam Center. The time is long enough so I used it to visit two places in the City of Bangkok. These places are the Holy Redeemer Church, which I talked about in the previous post, and Lumphini Park.

I read in a tourist guide booklet that Lumphini Park was created according to the wishes of King Rama VI. The park was then named after Lumbini, the birth place of Buddha in Nepal.* The park is a popular place for joggers, bikers and other health enthusiasts. The best thing is that there is no entrance fee for this park.

Lumphini Park
An afternoon at Lumphini Park.

Silence prevailed in Lumphini Park. I had a moment to take a rest, to breathe. Looking at the lake and slow movement of the swan boats somehow soothed me. Indeed it is good to sit and relax some of the time.

I'm enjoying the silence until a pair of crows started fighting for some trash. It is one of the rare times that I see this noisy bird. I watched the crows peck and scratch one another then another crow came then another and another then the whole place became very noisy. There are crows on the trees. Crows on the ground. Crows on the benches. Crows everywhere!

Three crows on a tree in Lumphini Park

I made a move to take a photo but they suddenly flew away. It seems like these “harbingers of death” are still afraid of humans.

I noticed, as I walked around, that Lumphini Park is a crow territory. Other birds, like pigeons, may be seen in the park but the crows dominate them all. The crows like Lumphini Park because it is wide enough and human visitors provide food.

Crows in Lumphini Park

It is my first time to photograph crows and I had a hard time because they keep on moving. Now I know why photographers of National Geographic have “ultra-zoom” cameras. Animals can be photographed well if the photographer is very far away.

I think I should invest well in cameras and lenses if I want to become a professional “nature photographer”.

Of the many photos that I took of the crows, I think that this is the best:

A crow in Lumphini Park playing with stick

This is one cool crow playing with a stick.

I'll be talking about Lumphini Park in the next blog post.


*Wikipedia article for Lumphini Park.

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  1. nice ganda ng pagkakuha mo ahh,
    mejo horror films talaga naaalala ko sa mga crows haha

  2. If you happen to visit Suan Rot Fai which is also near Jatujak, the crows there are quite big. They will swoop down and snatch whatver you are eating. We had a field trip there and the children enjoyed watching them take our snacks.

    1. They swoop down and snatch food? These crows are pretty aggressive. Too bad that I'm already in the Philippines so the chance of me going to Suan Rot Fai is little.

  3. Nice naman jan sa Lumphini Park. Parang Parks and Wildlife lang sa QC hehe :)

    Kaaliw ung mga uwak.

  4. i love birds but i hate crows :((

  5. Nice photo of the crow! But I keep thinking the crows as evil bird haha!! maybe watched too many horror movies! : D

  6. I visited Lumphini Park in the morning. Wonder if there are more people in the evenings compared to the mornings?


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