The Return of Ishmael (I Hope)

This blog is back from hibernation mode!

After months of on-off-on-off blogging, I now have the time to continue posting about my adventures,  many of which happened many years ago.

A lot of things happened these past months, of which the most earth shattering would be the birth of our little princess, Samantha.

Our babies are doing good and growing fast. We are so busy taking their photos and videos since they will be infants for a very short time. We know we have to enjoy this period of their lives.

Samuel and Samantha gave me a crash course on fatherhood. I wanted to share all the lessons with all of you, especially the noob daddies like me. Thus, I will post my fatherhood adventures from now on.

I have been in this blogging journey for almost a decade now. This blog started as refuge for my broken heart then became my travel companion. It is under transformation once again and I envision it to become a sort of journal of the life adventures of Familia Ahab.

Interesting things are coming and I hope that you join me in the new chapter of this blog.

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