End of the Month Round-up: January 2022

January did not want to go away without a fight. So, before giving its last gasp, January threw these to me in its last few days:

1. Deadly deadline of many documents. I spent the work hours reviewing this and that documents. I even took home some paperworks that I had to finish before I hit the sack. I guess what I said in the past is coming true: "I will not take home any work unless I am a Level 2 Boss".

2. A Level 1 Boss under my command suddenly disappeared - very much just like Aang when the Fire Nation attacked. He just didn't show up! He said he had health problems. I had no choice then but to deal with his work load and supervise his minions.

3. I am forced to attend two online meetings simultaneously. One meeting goes to the left ear while the other one goes to the right. My brain was confused and made my head ache.

4. A fellow Level 2 Boss messed up and then I was tasked to deal with his mess. His mess is urgent and my Level 4 Boss couldn't stop badgering me because he's frightened of the Level 5 Boss (Mr. Always Urgent). I cleaned up the mess thanks to my Level 1 Boss underling (a.k.a. Ms. Sunshine) and her Team Reliable. However, I had to forgo another good night's sleep.

5. My head ached on the last day of the month because I had to attend an online meeting that started at 9 AM and ended beyond 5 PM.

Despite the above listed woes, January is actually not that mean to me. The truth is that I had an easy first week, when  I managed to do some spring cleaning. And it went downhill from there.

In other news...

I read an article from Esquire about the demolition of Rizal Park Children Playground by the National Museum. It was a sad news because my kids truly enjoyed playing in that playground. Akala ko makakabalik pa kami.

Here is an interesting post about the Battle of Bataan in World War 2  and Battle of Legazpi during the Filipino-American War that I read in FB.

January is also the month when I experienced being denied entry to a church because I did not had my vaccination card. It is amazing that the fear of the virus paralyzed the hearts of some church people.

Facebook post on "No Vax. No Entry"

The election fever is increasing as the month of May. One of the leading candidates, the son of former president, decided to avoid public scrutiny of his platforms and plans for the country. He chickened out from debates and forums. So I wrote a post about his chickening acts.

Interesting Read

The Reluctance of Males to become Men: Failure to Launch - this article talks about the reason why some males refuse to grow up. The answer is that these males don't see any meaning in their life and do not believe of any higher purpose or eternal destination.

Images of the Month

Holy Week Procession in the Philippines during the Spanish Period (from Luis Sorando Muzas)

Holy Week Procession in the Philippines during the Spanish Period (from Luis Sorando Muzas)

Holy Week Procession in the Philippines during the Spanish Period (from Luis Sorando Muzas)
Holy Week procession in the Philippines during the Spanish Period (source: Luis Sorando Muz├ís)

Quote of the Month

The path to Auschwitz was paved with indifference.

- Ian Kershaw

Anime of the Month

Slime Diaries

The Slime Diaries

This is a hilarious take on the isekai series The Slime Diaries. I started watching this anime since I'm done watching the existing episodes of Slime Isekai. The manga is also slow in sending out new chapters.

Funny take on the day to day life in the Nation of Monsters. The citizens of Tempest always find a way to celebrate a public feast every episode.


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