Visita Iglesia: The Sad History of Nasugbu Church

St. Francis Xavier Church in Nasugbu, Batangas

The town of Nasugbu in Batangas is our beach getaway. This is where  we go whenever we crave for a swim in the sea. In fact, we already went to Nasugbu’s Canyon Cove Resort twice.

The beach is not the only place that we visited in Nasugbu because we also dropped by the Nasugbu Church.

Nasugbu Church in Batangas

There are two parishes in Nasugbu. The parish church dedicated to San Antonio de Padua is located in Barrio Kaylaway. The church that we visited is at the poblacion and is dedicated to Saint Francis Xavier.

What immediately caught my attention when I entered the Nasugbu Church is the painting of angels on the ceiling above the altar.

Painting of angels in Nasugbu Church

The altar is quite impressive to look at too.

Altar of Nasugbu Church

It was in the middle of hot afternoon so there were very few people inside the Nasugbu Church during our visit. Less people means a silent time for us to pray.

Aisle of Nasugbu Church

Nasugbu Church's ceiling also looks good and it reminds me of the beautifully painted ceilings in San Agustin Church in Intramuros.

Nice painted ceiling of Nasugbu Church

The ceiling features the image of St. Francis Xavier, a Jesuit missionary who preached in India, Indonesia, and Japan. Saint Francis Xavier became the patron saint of Nasugbu because the town was once entrusted to the care of Jesuit missionaries. The parish was established by the Jesuits in 1852.

Dome of Nasugbu Church

The dome of Nasugbu Church is adorned with images of the Old Testament prophets. Just below the church are the images of the New Testament evangelists.

Painting of Saint John the Evangelist in Nasugbu Church

Above the front door of Nasugbu Church is a pipe organ.

Pipe organ in Nasugbu Church

The pipe organ was the main musical instrument of the church in the past. Nowadays, the main church musical instruments are guitar, keyboard, and tambourines - which I believe do not fit the solemnity of the Holy Mass.

Inside Nasugbu Church

I believe that Nasugbu Church is picturesque enough to be a good place for weddings. However, another Nasugbu church - the Caleruega Church - beat them in the top list of wedding venues.

The town of Nasugbu has been in existence since the Spanish Period so I wonder why their church look modern. Where is Nasugbu’s old church?

My online research brought me to Pepe Alas’ blog post about the old Nasugbu Church. There he revealed that the old Nasugbu Church, known as Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de la Escalera or Our Lady of the Staircase, is located outside the poblacion and is in ruins!

Some historians claim that the old Nasugbu Church was burned by the Spaniards during the Philippine Revolution. Pepe countered this theory and said:

This 19th-century church was said to have been destroyed during the skirmish between the Spanish troops and the Filipinos (Katipuneros). In the Nasugbú Tourism Quarterly (April-June 2000 issue), Francisco Villacrusis wrote that after imprisoning the townsfolk inside this church, the Spaniards burned it down, killing the people inside. But Villacrusis did not cite any reference. And his claim is preposterous. Here are my reasons:
1) The Spaniards, being devote Catholics, would never have done such an atrocity.
2) There were only a few Spaniards in the Philippines, from start (1565) to finish (1898). As a matter of fact, during that time, the only “white face” that one usually encounters in far-flung villages is that of the friar.
3) To the best of my knowledge, there was no other instance of “church-burning” that was instigated by the Spanish troops in other places in the country outside of Násugbu.
The only church-burner that I know of are the Katipuneros themselves. Andrés Bonifacio was a church-burner himself. As a matter of fact, he attempted to burn the church in nearby Indang in Cavite province. And he did considerable damage to the church.
In view of the foregoing, all accusing fingers should point to the Katipuneros, not the meager Spanish troops.

I agree with Pepe on this one. Church burning is more likely to be committed by the anti-Catholic and masonic Katipuneros.

Nasugbu is now one of the progressive town of Batangas but in the past it experienced brutality from the hands of the so-called liberators. The ruins of the old Nasugbu Church is the testament to the town’s sad history. 


Saint Francis Xavier
(Source: Wikipedia)

Saint Francis Xavier is the patron saint of Catholic missionaries, specifically for those in the missions in Africa and Asia.

Here is the prayer that you can say if you seek the intercession of Saint Francis Xavier:

Lord God,
by the preaching of St. Francis Xavier
you brought many nations to yourself.
Give his zeal for the faith to all who believe in you,
that your Church may rejoice in continued growth
throughout the world.
May this prayer fill us with the same love
that inspired Francis Xavier to work for the salvation of all.
Help us to live our Christian calling
and to inherit the promise of eternal life.
We ask this in the name of Jesus the Lord.

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