A Christmas of Light and Sound at Aguinaldo Shrine

Christmas is the most festive season in the Philippines. In fact, our country is popular for having the longest Christmas Season in the world. As the much awaited season, every town in the country have their own ways of celebrating it.

Last year, we visited the Kahayag Festival of the town of Carmen in Davao del Norte that features giant Christmas trees and belen (nativity scenes). Many people from Carmen and other towns flock the town plaza to see lights and feel the beauty of Christmas.

This year, we went to the Christmas Light and Sound Show at the Aguinaldo Shrine.

Aguinaldo Shrine during Christmas Season 2014

I visited Aguinaldo Shrine three years ago. It was an edifying experience because I finally saw the house that had an important role in our history. This white house was the residence of the first president Emilio Aguinaldo and this where he declared our country’s independence from Spain.

Aguinaldo Shrine during Christmas Season

Colorful lights danced on the walls of Aguinaldo Shrine in tune to Christmas songs. Christmas lights abound the plaza but I believe that the Kahayag Festival has better decorations.

Chirstmas decor at Aguinaldo Shrine

My sister-in-law informed me that last year’s decorations were more grand. I guess the local government is trying to save money this year.
Toys for sale at Aguinaldo Shrine

Many people visit Aguinaldo Shrine not only for the light and sound show but also for the Christmas bazaar. There are shops for toys, clothes, bags, and other items straight from Divisoria.
Divisoria at Aguinaldo Shrine

The Christmas Light and Sound Show is the best place for kids. My Beloved Wife Lei’s pamangkins enjoyed the place especially that they have a wide space to run around.

Christmas Light and Sound Show at Aguinaldo Shrine is still open until January 4 so you can still come even if Christmas Day is over. Read this schedule for more info:

Schedule of 2014 Christmas Light and Sound Show at Aguinaldo Shrine
(Aguinaldo Shrine FB page)


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  1. Speaking of lights and sounds, I was surprised to see that one province in Thailand is doing a lantern parade this season. It reminds me of Pampanga's parols. Guess each country now copies each other- Songkran or water fest, Christmas decors and presentations, New Year concerts and fireworks.

  2. Beautiful! We have a bit here too but not so nice. Little town, can;t expect much. :(


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