A Parade of Delicious Chinese Dishes

Binondo Chinatown is just a small area in the City of Manila but it has nooks and crannies that delights the blogger in me. The whole town town is brimming with culture, history as well as food. That's why I believe that I can make a whole blog that is just focused on Binondo Chinatown, especially on the restaurants found in its every streets.

This belief of mine was affirmed when I, together with some officemates, went to small restaurant located along San Fernando Street. The name of the restaurant is Hou Kui Tea House. My officemate said that Chinese restaurant is as narrow as a corridor but many people eat at the place.
Binondo Chinatown - Hou Kui Tea House

My officemates are especially hungry, that's why they ordered a lot of food. The dishes that they ordered came one by one, as if they are in a parade. The first dish that reached our table is a plate of lomi (100 pesos), which is good for 3 to 4 persons. I enjoyed eating the lomi, which definitely tastes better than the ones in Chowking
Binondo Chinatown - lomi and rice
Big plate of lomi and my cup of rice.

Since it is a tea house, the lomi is accompanied with a cup of tea.
Tea at Binondo Chinatown

Another delicious dish that we ate is this fish dish in sauce with onion springs.
Fish dish at Binondo Chinatown

I focused too much on eating that I forgot to know the name of that Chinese fish dish.

We also ate beancurd (tokwa) with salt and pepper (120 pesos), which was hghly praised by an officemate. Another dish that I liked is the Taiwan pechay in oyster sauce (120 pesos).
Taiwan pechay in oyster sauce at Binondo Chinatown

We talked about other restaurants and food shops in Binondo Chinatown that offers delicious dishes. My officemates mentioned a lot of restaurants that made my mouth water. I will find time (and money) to visit those restaurants and discover the yummy things that Binondo Chinatown has to offer.


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  1. Hey! Your lomi looks like our Foochow-style fried noodles in my town!!! Foochow is a Chinese dialect, dominant in Sibu where I live. Most of the Chinese here are Foochows.

    I guess that's just claypot fish - looks good too. As for the veg with oyster sauce, I'd pass... We have that here too but I'm not crazy about it.

  2. lomi, is actually a pancit? hindi ba accompanied yun with sabaw? ganun pala yun? haha,,...tama ba ako? muka kasi xang canton yung first dish with rice) at mukang masarap, wal bang good for 1-2 person lang? hahaha...balak ko kasing kumain jan pero ako lang or atleast may 1ng kasama. :)

  3. Yummy food! Chinese food is nice right? I love Chinese food! Haha!!

  4. I love that vegetables in oyster sauce. Yum!!!

  5. Yes, please blog more about restaurants and food in Binondo : D

  6. sana makakain din ako sa isang real chinese restaurant..:)

  7. Suitapui

    I am glad that the Chinese dishes I featured here are so common at your place. It made me felt like I eaten at Sibu. The only one missing is you. :-)


    Basta mahahabang hair-like food made of flour ay pwedeng ituring na noodles. Yung pasta eh noodles din Italian style nga lang.

    Don't worry about the lomi Steve. Kayang-kaya kainin ng isang tao iyan lalo kapag matakaw. :-P


    Ha ha...of course a Chinese loves Chinese food, right Foong? ;-)

    And since you are a panda, you surely like vegetables.

    Of course, I will blog more about Binondo Chinatown so please stay tuned. ^_^


    Makakain ka din sa isang Chinese restaurant sa future. ^_^

  8. Masarap nga 'yung lomi Pink cookies. ^_^


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