Our Wedding Experience in Golden Bay Fresh Seafood Restaurant

I read (or heard) somewhere that wedding reception is more memorable than the (more important) wedding ceremony. Having experienced attending weddings as a guest and a groom, I can say that that observation was correct. This is the reason why we spent a lot of time searching for the best wedding reception venue.

My Beloved Fiancé Lei and I wanted our reception venue to be classy and affordable at the same time. We realized that renting the venue sans the caterer is more expensive than booking to a restaurant. So, instead of renting venue-only sites, like SM MoA’s The Venue, we decided to hold our wedding reception in Golden Bay Fresh Seafood Restaurant.

Golden Bay Fresh Seafood Restaurant

Golden Bay Restaurant is located along Macapagal Boulevard (see map below), which makes it very accessible.

I remember being impressed during our first visit to Golden Bay. Lei, on the other hand, immediately liked the big stairs. Lei told me that she want our wedding photos taken on those stairs.

The stairs of Golden Bay Restaurant
(Source: Golden Bay FB page)

In short, Golden Bay Restaurant already got our approval at our first visit.

The Reception Set-up

Golden Bay Restaurant has one of the largest banquet halls in the country. Located on the second floor, their banquet hall can accommodate up to 1,200 persons. It is too large a venue for our wedding reception with only about 100 guests. Good thing that they can accommodate us in the restaurant area on the first floor.

Golden Bay Restaurant
Golden Bay's restaurant area. (Source: Golden Bay website)

Since I was busy being a groom, I was not able to take photos of the food and the whole reception area. But I can say that the place looks good. Our wedding coordinator friend and our florist made an excellent job decorating the place. Ms. Dina Araneta, Golden Bay’s assistant marketing manager, was also present to make sure that everything is flowing perfectly.

Our venue is at the inner end of the restaurant. Golden Bay just placed a divider between our venue and the rest of the restaurant. Thus, other patrons heard what’s happening during our wedding reception. What’s horrible is that they heard my sintonado voice when I “serenaded” My Beloved Wife. I hope that my singing didn’t ruin their dining experience.

Our stage during our wedding in Golden Bay Restaurant
Our "stage" during the reception.

The space given to us was ample enough for 10 tables with one extra table, photobooth, a space for Lei’s especially-requested chocolate fountain, and a stage for me and Lei.

Ms. Dina was generous enough to give us one of their function room that served as our holding room where we relaxed and retouched before facing the guests again. Good thing that no one was using the function room and another good thing is that they allowed us to use it without charge.

Menu for Our Wedding Reception

Dining table in Golden Bay Restaurant

With the help of Ms. Dina, we managed to get a customized menu that almost fit our budget. I said almost because we went above our initial 60,000-peso budget for the food. Ms. Dina convinced me to upgrade to 72,000-peso customized menu because the food is much better.

Golden Bay charged us per table and each table can accommodate 12 persons. This means that even if less than 12 people are occupying the table, we still have to pay for the whole table. They allowed us, however, to squeeze excess guests (of up to 6 persons) to other tables.

Our menu for Golden Bay Restaurant

This is our menu for the wedding reception: Steamed Suahe, Minced Fish with Three Treasure Soup, Beef with Broccoli Flower, Yang Chow Fried Rice, Steamed Fish Fillet in Garlic, Sautéed Sze Chuan Diced Chicken, and Patatim with Bun. The dessert is Almond Fruit Cocktail. This customized menu already has Bottomless Iced Tea.

Steamed suahe of Golden Bay Restaurant
Steamed suahe

We also ordered one set meal for a guest who couldn’t eat pork because of religious restrictions. Ms. Dina also helped me to arrange set meals for the florists, photographers, and our make-up artist.

The comments made by our ninongs and ninangs, and all of our guests warmed our hearts. They liked all of the food in the menu. Everyone enjoyed every dish but star of the day is the Sautéed Sze Chuan Diced Chicken.

Patatim with bun in Golden Bay Restaurant
Patatim with bun (Source: Golden Bay website)

Golden Bay allowed us to bring our own wine without corkage fee. The same goes with our wedding cake and the chocolate fountain.

Commendable Service

Our wedding reception became great not only because of the delicious food but also due to the good service provided by the Golden Bay crew. The wait staff were always on their toes during the whole event.

Most commendable, for me, would be Ms. Dina who helped me since day one. She gave good suggestions during the planning stage, which made our wedding reception more enjoyable not only for me and my wife but, more importantly, for the guests.


A ninong told me that he’s impressed that I was able to hold our reception in an “expensive” restaurant. I am very happy with that compliment. It means that Lei and I were successful in our plan to book a classy reception venue that still fits our budget. Well, I guess I have to thank Golden Bay Restaurant for that.

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  1. Ooooo...I love those stairs too, look so grand. Sure is a very nice classy place, food looks really good - bet the chicken in the bun would taste so good!

    Here, they are doing away with all those pillars in the huge banquet halls so that the view would not be blocked by them.

    1. I think the pillars are only present on the first floor of Golden Bay. The function hall at the second floor have better view, like what you mentioned.

  2. From the outside, based on the photo, the restaurant is not that impressive but once I saw the inside, whoa! Very, very nice indeed! I am familiar with the menu and I also commend them for dinner or lunch. What I enjoyed most reading this post is that you didn't let any details fall in the hands of others. You were always hands on. It just mean that both of you want your wedding not just for formality sake but also for memories. Great job to both of you.

    1. Thank you very much for the compliment Jonathan. We're very much hands on and it was exhausting. But every stress that we experienced were worth it. :-)

  3. They're so nice naman. I love places like those. The people and service tlaga makes all the difference. =)

    1. Service really makes the difference po talaga. Sa dami ng restaurant na may masasarap na food, talagang sa service talaga sila nagkakatalo.

      I am happy to say that Golden Bay exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend this restaurant.

  4. I love sea food and I usually go to some famous seafood San Francisco restaurants. They serve delicious food; my best friend is having her engagement party in a seafood restaurant in Florida. I am very excited to go there.

  5. do they accept double wedding?


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