2016 in Summary: What A Year That Was!

It is the last day of A.D. 2016!

This only means that it is the best time to publish the obligatory year-end post where I will look back to the year that was.

The Obligatory Year-End Post

2016 is the year when my second child – our Little Samantha – came to us and filled our home with fun.

2016 is the year where my firstborn – our Little Samuel – has plenty of milestones. Our little boy is learning fast and he is advancing to the delight of his Lolo and Lola.

2016 is the year when this blog went to the backburner due to my busy days as a Father, Husband, Employee. The office-stress and the sleepless nights when caring for our children took a toll to my creativity. The result is almost-a-year-long Writer’s Block. I only published 24 blog posts, which is the lowest since I started blogging in 2007.

2016 is the year when I withdrew from other activities like my involvement with pro-life groups because I focused most of my energy in taking care of the family.

2016 is the year when I started my journey for financial freedom. I purchased a life insurance which I hope will help my family save and grow our money. I don’t trust life insurance companies in the past because of the issues with CAP and other pre-need insurance firms but a good friend convinced me to think otherwise.

2016 is the year when I finally finished my post about my adventures in Thailand. This is a major achievement for this blog since I was posting about Thailand since 2012. It took me four years! Now I wonder when can I post about my adventures in Malaysia, Indonesia, and other great places around the Philippines.

That’s the highlight of my 2016. I do hope that we will see each other again next year.


Special thanks and mentions to the following bloggers to this blog who is always present in the combox.

Arthur Wee (a.k.a. Suitapui)
Thank you also to all of my suki (and those who are shy to leave a comment) and subscribers to this blog. Please continue patronizing my blog and I do hope that you start to leave comments next year.


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  1. salamat din sa iyo....happy new year...pasensya na din kung minsan hindi makabisita sa blog mong ito....busy din minsan...

    1. No problem Arvin. :-)

      Happy New Year. Nawaý pagpalain ko ng Panginoon ngayong 2017

  2. It sure was an eventful year! Hope the new one, 2017, will be as great or even better for you and your family. God bless, cheers!!!

  3. 2016 had been a busy year for you. Wishing you all the best for the new year.

  4. Glad to hear the best of the best of your 2016! Family is the most important and how you described them and your effort to be the best dad and husband is encouraging.

    Happy New Year my friend!

    1. Thank you very much for the kind words Jonathan.

      Happy New Year!

  5. Despite the less time to blog, I'm glad that you manage to travel and put your family first. You've still got a lot going on in 2016! That's what matters! :)

    1. Thank you Melai. Thank you for visiting my blog. :-)

  6. happy new year Ish and to your family as well.. more adventures to come


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