#PaskuhanSaLRT1: Riding the Christmas Train to Carriedo

I was in for a big surprise when I boarded an LRT-1 train this morning.

#PaskuhanSaLRT1 - Inside the Christmas Train

The whole place is shouting “MERRY CHRISTMAS!”

The handle bars were dressed as candy canes and they even placed a big parol.

#PaskuhanSaLRT1 - Parol sa LRT Train

The train windows were designed to look like capiz windows of old Filipino homes.

#PaskuhanSaLRT1 - Capiz Window of LRT Train
(Photo by Rommel Lopez)

I was so amazed with the transformation that I forgot my worries during the whole train ride. It really felt like Santa Claus will suddenly appear to give us gifts (even though I was a was naughty boy this year).

#PaskuhanSaLRT1 - Christmas Stars in LRT1

The Christmas Train is part of LRT-1’s #PaskuhanSaLRT1 Christmas celebrations.

Aside from giving the passenger good vibes, LRT-1 also gave passengers a chance to win 5,000-peso worth of Beep Card load whenever they take their selfie inside the Christmas Train.

Well, here’s my selfie inside LRT-1’s Christmas Train:

#PaskuhanSaLRT1 - Candy Cane

The good thing about #PaskuhanSa LRT1 is that LRT-1 didn’t forgot the reason for the Season. They placed a belen inside the Christmas Train.

#PaskuhanSaLRT1 - Nativity Scene
(Photo by Rommel Lopez)

Kudos to the management of LRT-1 for the #PaskuhanSaLRT1. I hope that you do the same (or better) Christmas gimmick next year.

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  1. That's a lovely touch indeed. Bet that puts everyone in a good mood, the festive cheer all around. Hope you and your loved ones has a wonderful Christmas.

    1. Yes. The LRT-1 train gave a me good mood.

      Thank you for the greetings.


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