Pray and Prepare for Bagyong Ruby

I interrupt my regular blogging schedule with a very important post. I’m referring, of course, to super-typhoon Ruby (international name Hagupit) which about to hit Samar Island on Saturday.

Track of Typhoon Ruby from PAGASA
Track of Typhoon Ruby from PAGASA.

It is sad that the provinces hit by Typhoon Yolanda last year will be hit by Typhoon Ruby. My kababayan who suffered the loss of family and friends might suffer the same horror this year.

It is easy to lose hope in the face of the calamity that is about to happen. But hopelessness will bring us nothing but despair. So, instead of hopelessness I suggest that we rouse ourselves and face Ruby. We should call on to God for protection and we should do this as a nation. Typhoon Ruby is nothing but a raging wind and it is nothing compared to our Creator.

Aside from calling to our God, we should also prepare for the coming typhoon. Those who live along the typhoon track must do the necessary precautions. Houses must be strengthened and those who are near the sea must go to higher grounds.

For us who are spared from being hit directly by Typhoon Ruby should not wait idly for the calamity to happen. We must prepare the food, clothing, medicines, and other relief items. Our unfortunate kababayan who will experience the brunt of Ruby will surely need these things.

Typhoon Ruby is truly scary but there is something that we can do: Pray – Prepare – Help of our kababayan.

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