Dinner Finale with the Red Shirts

Foong and I started touring Bangkok Chinatown once again after a satisfying merienda at Double Dogs Tea Room. We are walking around the place not to search for souvenirs but to hunt for another place to eat. It is not surprising if the list brought by my travel companion contained the name and rough address of restaurants because Bangkok Chinatown is popular for its food.

The place reminded me of Binondo Chinatown in Manila. That place is also popular because of the food. I believe that Chinese cuisine is a magnet for food enthusiasts everywhere. This is also the case with Bangkok Chinatown.

Foong is looking for a restaurant or street stall that offers a certain pork dish. Too bad that we didn't locate it so we just searched for another restaurant in his list. One of the clue that he found in the Internet is that the crew of that restaurant wear red shirts.

J & K Seafood Restaurant, Bangkok Chinatown
This is definitely not a red shirt.

We almost failed in locating the red shirts and almost dined with the green shirts. Good thing that we noticed the restaurant of the red shirts, which is located just across the road from the green shirts.

Lek and Rut Seafood Restaurant in Bangkok Chinatown
Lek and Rut Seafood Restaurant

The red shirt restaurant that we are looking for is Lek and Rut (R & L) Seafood Restaurant. It is not a formal sort of restaurant. It is more of sidestreet kind where the tables were placed on the sidewalks and the streets. This is the reason why this restaurant is only open during the evening.

Street diners on Yaowarat Road, Bangkok Chinatown

We only had a modest dinner. We only ordered a seafood hot pot or better known as Tom Yum and some prawns.

Our dinner in R & L Seafood Restaurant, Bangkok Chinatown

I am already familiar with the tom yum since I had that during my visit to Koh Samet Island. I actually had tom yum numerous times while I was in Thailand. 

Seafood tom yum in Bangkok Chinatown

This tom yum from the red shirts costs 200 Thai baht.

Delicious prawns at Bangkok Chinatown

The roasted prawns were really big. I enjoyed removing their shells and feasting on the big meat inside. This is what happened to the prawns after I was done with them:

Prawn shells at Bangkok Chinatown

Our dessert is the Bird Nest – Gingko, which I tasted for the first time.

Bird's nest and gingko dessert in Bangkok Chinatown

The bird's nest that I had is not the typical bird's nest that is made of straw and grass leaves. I believe that it is the same as the nests being harvested from our local birds called as balinsasayao.

Red shirts' bird's nest felt grainy but tasteless. The same goes with the yellow-colored gingko fruit.

Our dinner may be simple but what made it special is the friendly chat with a fellow blogger. It will be a long time before I see Foong again. But who knows? I never expected to meet him in Bangkok. I might meet him again in Manila or Singapore or Kuala Lumpur or anywhere in Asia.

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