Early Morning Thoughts

I woke up early, on our last day at Koh Samet Island, because I wanted to roam around a little while it is not yet hot. There were few people at the beach and many shops were still closed. I bet that many people were still asleep because they stayed awake late in the night.

Morning on Koh Samet Island

Early birds, like me, enjoyed the morning breeze. It is the perfect time to meditate. So, before my companions wake up, I decided to say my morning prayers on the rocks near the statues of the Koh Samet Island mermaid and her prince.

Sea of Koh Samet Island
Looking at the sea and sky.

The waves of the sea are soothing. Their coming and going has similar effect as the hypnotist's pendulum. It was a long time since I had this silent moment. I was alone most of the time but distractions are omnipresent. I have blogs to think about, activities at work, and anxieties for the future. Thoughts keep on buzzing in my head like aggressive bees.

I was praying the Holy Rosary and meditating on the Glorious Mysteries. I was also thinking of the current state of my life. I was trying to shed light on the road that I must take to so as to allow me to achieve some of my plans.

I was in the middle of my meditation when my companions saw me.

Praying on the rocks of Koh Samet Island

Oh well. Prayer time is over.

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  1. Good luck to everything. What a beautiful place to meditate.

  2. Beautiful!!! God's creations never fail to amaze me, take my breath away...and very often, I would burst out in song, "How great Thou art!!!"

    1. :-) God is truly great. You're a blessed man STP.

  3. It's nice to wake up early and walk along the beach all alone. I love to do things like that! Haha!

  4. Oh! So many things on your mind? Gotta take some time to sort them out. Good luck! : )

  5. Ooh! Nice statues in the last photo! : )

  6. ganda ng lugar at magandang oras para magmeditate. thanks for sharing the photos and the experience.

  7. Ang ganda naman seaside. Very calming ang ambiance :))

  8. very calming yung place
    i peace na in peace ka pag nag stay ka sa lugar na yan
    kasi from the sky to water to shore, perfect ung combination ee

  9. Early morning really is the perfect time to meditate and relax. I don't know why other people don't like the morning but I get more done in the am than in the afternoon. Lalo na when you're in the zone. Hehehe! =)


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