Shopping in Chatuchak Weekend Market

Bangkok is a shopping haven. This city has plenty of shopping places that will surely delight all shopaholics. Tourists can go to Mahboonkrong (MBK), Siam Center, the shops in Bangkok Chinatown and other street shops. Of all the shopping places in Bangkok, the one that I prefer to visit is the Chatuchak Weekend Market.

Clock tower of Chatuchak Weekend Market
The iconic clock tower of Chatuchak.

I bought most of my souvenirs and pasalubong in Chatuchak Weekend Market. As I had said in the previous post, Chatuchak Weekend Market is a mecca for affordable Thai souvenirs. This market has plenty of shops and wide array of products to choose from.

How to Go to Chatuchak Weekend Market

Chatuchak Weekend Market is located just beside the Chatuchak Park in Mo Chit. It is accessible by bus and taxi but the best and fastest way to reach it is by riding the Sky Train or the underground train of MRT. Go out of the Mo Chit Station of the MRT or the BTS (Sky Train) if you used the train to reach Mo Chit.

Map of Mo Chit, Bangkok showing the location of Chatuchak Weekend Market
(Source: Google Maps)

Chatuchak Weekend Market is touted as one the world’s largest weekend market. The whole market has a total of 27 acres* and have more than 5,000 stalls** selling products from different parts of Thailand.

My Chatuchak Weekend Market Experience

A Myanmese friend brought me to Chatuchak Weekend Market during my first visit. I was overwhelmed by the place because it is very big and has a lot of stalls to choose from. The place is very crowded too, especially in the hallway where goods for sale and buyers block the way.

The crowd and chaos in Chatuchak is nothing as compares to that in Divisoria. Shopper-veterans of Divisoria will find Chatuchak Weekend Market easy to navigate.

Map of Chatuchak Weekend Market
Map of Chatuchak Weekend Market. (Source: Asian Escapes)

The labyrinthine lay-out of this market made it very hard for to locate the shops that I visited previously. Thus, I just kept on walking until I found a stall that had good prices.

Buyers in Chatuchak Weekend Market
Hordes of bargain hunters in Chatuchak.

The immensity of this market will be a challenge to shopaholics. Like what an article in said, “this is where you can literally shop ‘till you drop’”.

I shopped two or three times in Chatuchak Weekend Market, and thankfully I didn’t “drop” due to exhaustion. I only experienced fatigue and aching limbs because of too much walking. Bargain hunting is truly exhausting in Chatuchak.

Stores in Chatuchak Weekend Market

Vendors in Chatuchak Weekend Market are very strict when it comes to taking photos. Many stalls don’t allow tourists to take photos of their wares. There is one time that a vendor approached me and demanded to hand over my camera so she can delete the photos. From that day on, I avoid taking photos of stores in Chatuchak.

Perimeter road of Chatuchak Weekend Market

I always enjoy shopping in Chatuchak Weekend Market. There are so many things to see and that includes the different people coming from different countries. I even met a group of Filipinos buying souvenirs in this market.

How I Bargained in Chatuchak

Negotiating prices with vendors is a challenge in Chatuchak. They know that buyers will ask for discounts so they mark up the prices of their goods. Thus, it is imperative to haggle with the vendors for a lower price.

Chatuchak Weekend Market

I make it a point to ask for discount whenever I buy an item. I leave the stall if the item is common (i.e. key chain, ref magnets, etc.) and the vendor don't want to give any discount. I just go to other stores that will give better prices.

I managed to shave 10% of the original price most of the time. Take note that you will get better prices if you buy many items in a store. This is their tactic to make customers buy more items in their shop.

Items for Sale in Chatuchak

Figurines for sale in Chatuchak Weekend Market

Name it and Chatuchak Weekend Market probably has it. I saw ref magnets, key chains, figurines, clothes, caps, and all the typical souvenir items. I also saw dogs and other pets for sale. There are books too. The wide variety of goods found in Chatuchak Weekend Market draws many tourists.

European bar in Chatuchak Weekend Market

There are also bars and restaurants within the market grounds. The most noticeable restaurant, I think, is the one with so many Europeans. I noticed that people actually line up just to eat at this place.

In the previous post, I said that I made the mistake of going to Chatuchak during the weekdays. What I saw, instead of souvenir items, are decorative plants being sold throughout the market.

I discovered that there is market schedule for Chatuchak. Plants and flowers are being sold from Wednesday to Thursday. Fridays are wholesale day. Weekends (Saturday and Sunday) are the days when Chatuchak is fully open.

So, to avoid any hassle, I suggest that you go to Chatuchak during the weekend so you will not be disappointed like me.

Chatuchak Weekend Market may not be as grand as MBK or Siam Center mall but it has charms of its own. What I like with this place is its rawness. It is as if tourists come to this place not only to strike a bargain but also to find an adventure.


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  1. I don't really fancy Chatuchak Market. Maybe because it's too crowded and hot? I prefer to shop at more comfortable places but I guess that's just me.

    1. Yeah. It is not comfortable shopping in Chatuchak. That's why many people don't like these place. But for me, a person who have been to Divisoria, this place is not so bad. :-)

  2. Yes, must bargain! They are always hiking up the prices and you are right, if they refuse to bring it down further, you can just move on to the next stall cos most selling the same items.

    1. Yup. That's why leave vendors who are very stingy when it comes to giving discounts.

  3. It is also my fave place but not really to shop but to see the art pieces on display at the right far side of the market. The stalls in this market can be rented for 6T per week, that's three thousand per day during the weekend, and this was like four years ago. So they need to get their rental fee from the merchandise they sell thus the high price.

    1. Oh! The rental fee is indeed very expensive. Thus, if we add the capital for the goods plus other expenses (electricity bill) then it will be too expensive to maintain a stall in Chatuchak. They really need to hike up the prices of their goods so as to earn a little.

  4. akala ko ee, pinas lang eheh! nice laki tlaga ng resemblance sa tao at sa place

    1. Hehe...magkamukha naman kasi yung mga Thai at Pinoys.

  5. Interesting!!! I love such markets - so many things to see and maybe buy too!!!

  6. I love going to Divisoria even just to window shop but I only stick to 1 area there at a time (usually 168 mall lang) kasi I get too overwhelmed with the items. The sad part pa is most of the stalls sell the same thing! Kainis minsan. Malamang I'd get confused din there. I dread markets in other countries kasi I feel more lost. Dapat talaga may local or someone, who's knowledgeable of the area, kang laging kasama. =)

  7. we'll be heading to bkk by the end of this month and i'm very excited to see the chatuchak weekend market.. i guess it wouldn't be so tiring for me kasi sanay na sanay ako sa divisoria, hihihi.. thanks for posting..


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