Holy Redeemer Church in Bangkok

What comes to your mind when you hear the words “Catholic church”?

I bet that one of the recurring images in your head will be similar to this:

An old Catholic church in Danao City, Cebu
An old church in Danao City, Cebu.

The basic formula would be Catholic churches = European architecture. This is mostly true since the history, culture and developments in Europe are intertwined with Catholicism. Christianity was spread throughout the world by European missionaries and they took the European culture with them.

Majority of Catholic churches in Thailand follow this simple formula. Examples of this are the Bangkok Cathedral and the Kalawar Church located near Chinatown.

However, there is one Catholic church in Bangkok that defied the “simple formula”. This is the Holy Redeemer Church that is being run by the Redemptorists. This church used the native Thai architecture normally used for Buddhist temples.

Holy Redeemer Church in Bangkok
Thai-style Holy Redeemer Church

According to the church’s website, the architectural style of the Holy Redeemer Church was suggested by Venerable Fulton Sheen. The construction of the church was under the supervision of a Catholic named Acinelli.*

It seems like everything in this church followed the Thai architectural style. The ceiling of the church looks similar to the ceilings found in Buddhist temples.

Thai-style ceiling in Holy Redeemer Church, Bangkok

Even the doors of the church are in Thai style.

Thai-styled door of Holy Redeemer Church, Bangkok

It seems like the interior of the Holy Redeemer Church has semblance to the normal Catholic church.

Interior of Holy Redeemer Church, Bangkok
Interior of the Holy Redeemer Church

I’m glad that the Redemptorists decided to stick to the pews instead of making churchgoers sit on the floor as in Buddhist temples.

The Stations of the Cross located on the side walls also were unusual. The scenes of Jesus’ suffering and death were presented as two continuous murals.

Modern-styled Stations of the Cross in Holy Redeemer Church, Bangkok

The story of our Lord's suffering and death flows like water as presented by the mural. I think that it can also be presented by using the styles of Thai traditional paintings that I saw in some temples. I bet that it will make this church more unique.

It seems like the Redemptorists of this church don’t want to have any “traditional” styles so they chose Thai and modern styles. I have no problem with their preference. I’m ok with Thai style exteriors, Thai-styled ceiling and doors and modern Stations of the Cross. What I don’t like is the Thai-styled altar.

Altar of Holy Redeemer Church, Bangkok

The image of Jesus Christ at the altar is golden like Buddha statues! The tabernacle was designed using Thai art of gold and red. The altar table is just a simple four-legged table.

Golden image of Jesus Christ in Holy Redeemer Church, Bangkok

I'm not pleased with it.

I still prefer the crucified Jesus Christ at the altar because it has more impact to churchgoers. I still prefer an altar that fosters reverence and cultivates the “sense of the sacred”. The altar of Holy Redeemer Church may be unique but it fell short of its purpose.

How to Go to Holy Redeemer Church

I may have some complaints against Holy Redeemer Church but I think that it still worth a visit, especially because of its not-the-usual architectural style for a Catholic church.

Map to Holy Redeemer Church
(Source: Google Maps)

Holy Redeemer Church is located along Ruam Rudi Avenue. It can easily be reached by riding the BTS train and going down the BTS - Phloen Chit station. To reach the church, just walk about 100 meters westward from BTS - Phloen Chit Station so you can reach the Ruam Rudi Avenue. Follow Ruam Rudi by walking around 1 kilometer and you'll see the Holy Redeemer Church to your left. You can also opt to ride the taxi if walking is not appealing to you.

Going to this church is easy because it is located within Bangkok. You should take in mind, however, that taxi drivers might not know the location of this church because it is not a popular spot in Bangkok.


*Holy Redeemer Church website.

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  1. wow, that sure is a thai structure! ganda ng details nung church!
    interesting din ung presentation ng station of the cross

  2. I was also impressed by the awesome architectural designs ng mga churches nila sa Thailand. Ang gaganda!

  3. siguro, they designed it this way to make more thais feel at home and welcomed lalo na sa mga non-catholics. and baka makatulong din to convert more of them. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Very interesting church with Thai style architecture!

  5. I have also seen Muslim mosques in Chinese style architecture complete with pagodas!

  6. It looks nice. You'd never know it was a Catholic church at first a. =)


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