How to Choose Good Essay or Research Paper Topics

Writing regularly for a blog is sometimes exhausting. There are times that it seems that my brain is empty of any topic to write about. Times like these are called as “writer’s block” and even excellent writers suffer because of it. Writing a blog post is similar to writing an essay or a research paper. There are times that no research paper topics can be squeezed from our brain. This is frustrating, especially if you are required to do an essay or a research paper on a limited time.

There is no need to lose hope. There are many ways to find good essay topics or research paper topics. One thing that you can do is to browse at your old essays or research papers. Look for old topics that you can reinvent. You can also look for ideas on those old essays or research papers that were not given enough focus. Those ideas can be used as the main topic for your new essay or research paper.

Another way is to look for new topics to write about. There are many sources that you can consider like the newspapers and magazines. The Internet is also a great source of new topics and search engines can help you find good topics to write about. Also, there are websites, like, that is fully dedicated in helping people in writing their essays or research papers.

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