I'm Back

Ishmael Ahab is Back
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I am back to the blogging world and I'm just in time for the sparkly New Year.

It has been one month since my last post here in BTES. ONE MONTH!!! Imagine that.

I just intended to be gone for two weeks but December proved to be a busy month for me.

The visa that I am holding right now requires me to leave Thailand after three months' stay. So, I went back to the Philippines for a short vacation.

It was a happy homecoming because I saw my family and, of course, my Beloved. It was an exhausting vacation too. I was so tired that I became paralyzed by fever on my first day here in Thailand.
Ishmael Ahab had a flu

Thank God that the fever is gone.

By the way, I want to greet each and every one of you a...
Happy New Year 2013
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I hope that you welcomed AD 2013 with much rejoicing in your heart. I, on the other hand, welcomed the new year away from my love ones. It is my first time to experience this and it is sad...

...but it is not good to dwell on loneliness.

Today is a new day of the new month of the new year, which means that today is the day of hope and fresh beginnings. Today is also the day of gratitude and looking back at 2012, I can see that I have lot of things to thank for.

For this blog, I am thankful for those who were with me for all of these years. These people are the so-called “old faces”, who kept on commenting on my posts. Thank you very much:

Suitapui the Food Enthusiast
Tin (a.k.a The Average Jane)
Ate Faye
Lover of Pink Cookies
Patty Tappy

I hope that all you continue to being the “old faces” on this blog for this year. Your comments are the spice of my blog posts.

I am also thankful for the “new faces” that I met on this blog just last year. These people are:

I hope that all of you turn into “old faces” on this blog.

The people that I met here on my blog is just the tip of the iceberg. I met many people on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Some these people became my friends even if they don't know my face and just know me by my pen name “Ishmael Ahab”.

The friendship that I built with these people made me wonder at the mystery of relationships. How did I gain the trust of these friends whom I haven't met personally. I will contemplate on this next time. What matters now is that our Lord gave me the blessing of friendships with these people.

Let me say, once again, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

May all you have blessed AD 2013. May you grow, not only in prosperity, but in faith. May you have good health of both the body and the soul. And may you gain more friends so that at the end of this year you can say that you had “gained precious gems and treasures.”

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  1. Awww, touch naman ako. Kasama ako dun sa "old faces" hehe. Happy 2013 din sa iyo parekoy and looking forward for more travel related entries of yours on the year ahead.

    1. Isa kakasi sa mga veteran visitors ng blog ko kaya nasama kasa old faces. Hehe.

      I hope that that too Parekoy. Happy New Year.

  2. Happy new year Ish! Feel na feel ko talaga na tawagin kang Ish 😁 wishing you love, peace, and happiness on 2013 😄

    1. :-) Salamat po. Kayo rin. Happy New Year. You can call me Ish anytime.

  3. ayun oh kasama ako sa new faces haha lakas maka young sa pakiramdam

    anyways happy 2013 parekoy
    best of luck

    1. Haha...ano ka. Newface lang sa blog ko. Hindi sa edad. :-P

      Happy New Year din. God bless!


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