Cold Delights from Gold Delight

Second Brother wanted to buy ice cream for the whole family one hot Sunday. Unfortunately, Second Brother is short on cash so he couldn’t buy the popular ice cream brands like Selecta and Magnolia. So he went to a branch of Ice Cream House and bought the ice creams of Gold Delight.

Second Brother bought corn-flavored ice cream:
Corn-flavored ice cream of Gold Delights

Coconut Biscotti:
Coconut Biscotti of Coconut Gelato

And Pastillas de Langka:
Pastillas de Langaka ice cream of Coconut Gelato

Pastillas de Langka and Coconut Biscotti is under the brand Coconut Gelato but I think that this brand is also owned by the owner of the Gold Delight brand.

I don't know how much a  gallon of Gold Delight ice cream costs but I think that it is not expensive because my brother was able to buy a total of 1 gallon plus 2 liters of ice cream. 

The whole family enjoyed eating the ice cream of Gold Delight. I tried the corn-flavored ice cream first.
Corn-flavored ice cream from Gold Delights
Me scooping some corn-flavored ice cream.

Gold Delight's corn-flavored ice cream tastes good! The only problem is I became easily satiated by the flavor.

My favorite of the three flavors of ice cream is the Coconut Biscotti. I like it because of its flavor, which did not satiate me unlike the corn-flavored ice cream. Another thing that I like about it are the chunks of biscotti (biscuits) that gave the ice cream some crunchiness.
Coconut Gelato's Coconut Biscotti
The yummy coconut biscotti.

Gold Delight ice cream is not as expensive as leading ice cream brands but it doesn't mean that its flavor is so-so. Gold Delight matches the flavor and quality of the expensive ice cream. That's why I may buy Gold Delight ice cream if I want to bring home some cold treats in the future.

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  1. i appreciate yung mga ice cream n di msyado kilala ang brand ... penge!

  2. i appreciate yung mga ice cream n di msyado kilala ang brand ... penge!

  3. Pasensya na Kulapitot.

    Naubos na po namin ang ice cream.

  4. Wah!!! Ice cream!!! So many flavours we can't get here. Langka - we call it Nangka here, almost the same.

  5. Interesting flavors. A little unusual. =)

  6. I haven't tried that brand but would love to! Gusto ko yung pastillas de langka!

  7. nakakapng laway nmn sarap ng flavors

  8. i want the langka & coconut. available in manila?

  9. Ice cream time? I just had durian ice cream! LOL!

  10. Oh I think I will like Coconut Biscotti too cos I like the coconut flavour and of course the biscuits inside the ice cream! Yum!!

  11. Wow, sarap naman nyan parekoy!

    hmmm, baket hindi lumalabas ung mga updates mo sa dashboard ko? naka follow naman ako sa iyo...hmmm...

    anyways, have a nice day!

  12. Suitapui

    Too bad for you. :-P

    It is the same here in the Philippines. Langka is sometimes spelled as nangka.

    Average Jane

    Yes. Gold Delight ice cream is a little unusual.


    Ok din ang Pastillas de Langka.


    Wag ka na maglaway d'yan. Bili ka rin. :-D

    I Love Pink Cookies

    I guess Gold Delight ice cream are available in Manila.


    Durian ice cream! I want to try that.


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