Major Overhaul for Tropical Hut

Me, my Beloved and Second Brother went to EDSA – Starmall After watching the Pixar movie, Brave, at Shari La Mall. It was dinner time so we walked around Starmall to search for a good place to eat. We already shunned the usual fast food restaurants like Jollibee and McDonald’s because we want to try something new. We found, at the ground floor, the Starmall Branch of Tropical Hut.
Starmall branch of Tropical Hut

Tropical Hut is the first fast food restaurant in my hometown. The restaurant is a part of my childhood memory because I always see the Tropical Hut mascot whenever we go to Mercury Drug. That Tropical Hut branch is now gone.

I haven’t eaten at Tropical Hut so I agreed to Second Brother’s proposal to eat at that fast food restaurant. I ordered their Tapa, which costs 85 Pesos:
Tapa of Tropical Hut

While my brother ordered a Tropical Hut’s spaghetti, which costs 43 Pesos:
Spaghetti of Tropical Hut

I forgot to take any photo of my fiancĂ©e’s dinner that’s why it is not shown here.

The tapa is OK and I found no problem with it. I think it is like the regular tapa meal that can be brought from any turo-turo and carinderia. My brother, on the other hand, didn’t like the spaghetti. The reason for this is that the sauce of the spaghetti is too watery. The sauce acted more like a “sabaw” than a normal spaghetti sauce.

My brother thinks that the Tropical Hut brand is beyond salvation. He said that the owners must reinvent the brand and improve their offerings so that Tropical Hut can compete against popular fast food brands. Tropical Hut is an old restaurant but it was already left behind by newly-established restaurants.

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  1. It's been a while since I've been to a Tropical Hut branch. Their food just seems to have lost it's zing. =(

  2. well never been there but innovative marketing is a must at every business

  3. The food does not look very appealing. I guess it's usually the case at places - you pay more, have just ok food...and get to eat in comfort and nicer surroundings.

    You saw "Brave"? Any good? I missed that one. My daughter's not in town and I do not fancy going to the movies alone.

  4. Oh yes Suitapui. I saw the movie "Brave" and I like it. :-)

    It is one of the good movies that I saw this year.

  5. the food looks too normal for me... they're like a mediocre fast food.

  6. Totoo napapagiwanan na sila! Tagl na din nung huli ako nakakain sa tropical hut. Pero ang galing din nila diba kasi hanggang ngayon e andyan pa rin sila kahit malakas mga kalaban nila. Dito samin ang katabi nila e jollibee at KFC.

  7. Alex

    Thank you for dropping by my blog. It can be said that Tropical Hut is mediocre but they can still improve. That is what I want to convey to the owners of this fast food restaurant. I want to see a better Tropical Hut.


    Come to think of it, YEAH. Tama ka Ate Anney. Tropical Hut is still here despite the fact that they were left behind by other restaurants.

    Improvement na lang ang kailangan nila.


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