Goldilocks Megamall Needs Improvement

Whenever I am eating at a fast food restaurant I expect that (1) my orders are served quickly and (2) the restaurant staff will treat me nicely. These are just simple expectations but there are fast food restaurants that fail to fulfill these expectations of mine. One of such restaurant is the SM Megamall branch of Goldilocks.

My beloved wanted to have dinuguan for dinner so we went to Goldilocks. I noticed that there are two queues inside the restaurant. One queue is for those who are ordering Goldilocks cakes. The other queue is for those who are ordering the Goldilocks meal.

The queue for the Goldilocks meal is quite long. The reason for this is that there is only one cashier and only two employees assembling the orders of the customers. Another bad thing is that customers had to wait on line while waiting for their orders to be assembled. The result is that customers became impatient, which made them nasty. The impatience of the customers also affected the staff of Goldilocks. Maybe that is the reason why the cashier is not smiling when she served our orders.
Goldilocks Dishes

Goldilocks is like a big carinderia and this image is reinforced in the way they present their dishes. However, I find the restaurant’s Filipino image weird because the name Goldilocks is so American. 

Goldilocks Dinuguan

In fairness, Goldilocks’ dinuguan tasted good. It is no surprise that this dish is My Beloved's favorite. We also also ordered the Veggie Lumpia but it is too sweet for our liking.
Goldilocks fresh lumpia

What I ordered for dinner is this:
Goldilocks Karekare

This is Goldilocks’ kare-kare, which just tasted OK. 

My advice to Goldilocks is that they improve their system of getting orders from their customers. They should copy the system of other fast food restaurants like Jollibee and Mang Inasal. Customers are given numbers so they can leave the queue and go to their seats. It is the restaurant staff that will bring the ordered dishes to the customers. This will reduce the number of impatient customers and un-smiling cashiers.


Photos of pork dinuguan and veggie lumpia came from Goldilocks website.

How about you Dear Reader? Did you dine in Goldilocks Megamall. What is your experience on their service? Let us talk about it by leaving a comment.

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  1. I haven't tried dining in recently at their Megamall branch for a while. But I know there is high foot traffic there and I suppose it's always the reason for the delay in service.

    I do like their pork paksiw. I'd usually have that, a cup of rice and a slice of their window cathedral gelatin after a hectic dat at Graduate school. I miss those days of carefree singlehood. Hehehe! =)

  2. I love the food, anyway. I missed them a lot!

  3. Tin

    The days of carefree singlehood. :-D

    Yes. There are lot of customer but Goldilocks Megamall should have anticipated that by improving their system.

    Pork paksiw? I will try that next time. :-)


    Kain ka uli't dun. ^_^

  4. What a name! in the children's story. If I eat there, I will imagine myself being one of the three bears... LOL!!!

  5. Yeah, they should improve on the system and not make the customers queue up so long! I usually avoid restaurants with long queues! Haha!

  6. By the way, is there any way you can disable the Word verification? It's getting a little annoying as I find it harder and harder to read the words and numbers!

  7. Wow, I can relate to this post so much! Last year I ordered kare-kare as well form a Goldilocks branch near our place. It tasted horrible. Halatang microwaved lang.

    After eating, I wrote on a tissue paper, "Your Kare-kare should be improved."

    Then I walked out the door. The branch needs to improve their food ASAP.

  8. well i never considered eating at godilocks actually haha make i used to think it was just a cake shop

  9. Suitapui

    LOL. Good one. You will be a very big bear then. :-P


    I will think about removing the verification requirement.


    I do hope that Goldilocks admin listens to our suggestions. It is for their own good.


    They expanded their business so they are not just a regular cake shop but also a fast food restaurant offering Pinoy dishes.

  10. peyborit ko sa Goldilocks yang puto at dinuguan nila. yum!

  11. Ok lang sakin ang tamis nung lumpia nila. Yun namn madalas naming bilhin dyan.

  12. Fiel-kun

    Yummy nga talaga ang dinuguan nila. :-)


    Nag-swak sa panlasa mo ang matamis na lumpia ng Goldilocks.


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